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Students to celebrate Human Rights Day

The Bermuda National Gallery has teamed up with the Human Rights Commission to commemorate United Nations Human Rights Day.

The public are invited to attended a free celebration and support students who will be giving presentations on art and activism at the gallery at noon on December 8.

BNG education and communication officer Dany Pen said: “Bermuda National Gallery is committed to shaping learning experiences that enrich children’s lives.

“We care about our community and where we are headed, especially in terms of education and creative expression.

“Using BNG art exhibitions as inspiration for the students’ presentations, this celebratory event will also give a platform for our youth to express their creative thoughts and vision on art and social justice.”

Pupils from Bermuda Institute, Bermuda High School, CedarBridge Academy, Centre for Creative Learning School, Clearwater Middle School, Dalton E. Tucker Primary School, Elliot Primary School, Northlands Primary School, Port Royal Primary School, Prospect Primary School, Sandys Secondary Middle School, Somerset Primary, St George’s Preparatory School, TN Tatem Middle School, the Berkeley Institute and Warwick Academy will speak at the event. HRC commissioners will present gifts to all participating schools.

The HRC stated: “The power of the arts as a vehicle for the promotion and protection of human rights and social justice advocacy simply cannot be overstated.

“Art is both individual and wholly universal — much like human rights.

“The term ‘human rights’ is familiar, and can sometimes be overlooked or dismissed as a lofty and misplaced notion.

“But underneath the banner of human rights resides a host of complex, urgent, distinct yet intersected issues impacting individuals and communities everywhere, every minute, of every day.”

The HRC said the BNG has served as a “dynamic collaborator over the last decade in featuring local and international expressions of protest, despair, resolve and hope through the arts”.

It added: “Art can serve as a potent ‘truth-sayer’ — giving clarity and context to these persistent and overwhelming experiences.

“The Human Rights Commission is honoured to join with the BNG and students across the island for this exceptional exhibit on this international day of recognition.”

The collaboration celebrates the recognition and appreciation of human rights. It comes as the gallery exhibits The Power of Art and Shepard Fairey: rebel with a cause.

The first exhibition focuses on activism, environmental protection, ideas of influence, humanities’ strength in diversity and representation.

Shepard Fairey: rebel with a cause advocates for the protection of human rights, from the abuse of political power and militarism to the support for minorities and gender equity.

Gallery admission is always free for students, and the BNG offers free school tours. Free transportation has been provided for public school students through the Green Family Transportation Initiative.

For more information, contact Dany Pen on 295-9428 or e-mail education@bng.bm