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Somerset steps up for Troy

A good cause: members of the President’s Camp at Somerset Cricket Club present Troy Govia with a cheque for $6,500, raised from two codfish breakfasts, to aid his medical expenses. From left: Radell Tankard, Wallace Wellman, Govia, Anthony Basden and Myron Tucker (Photograph supplied)

A Somerset sports club has spearheaded a drive to raise thousands of dollars for a cancer-stricken former footballer.Troy Govia, a former Somerset Trojans and Somerset Extros player, will use the $6,500 raised to help pay for treatment for gastrointestinal cancer.Radell Tankard, one of the members of the President’s Camp, which organised fundraising events, appreciated the way the community had rallied around a former player in need. He said: “It was well received and that speaks to his character. Many people supported because he is a very easygoing, honest individual who would do anything for you. Dr Tankard said: “He’s a very outgoing guy, a former custodian who worked in the school system. He’s had his moments, but he’s very appreciative. The community, including churches, have been very supportive.“Troy is most grateful for all who supported the breakfasts and he wishes to personally thank his family and close friends, Woody’s Restaurant, Misty’s Takeout Restaurant, the Cake Shop, Michael Dunkley and the officers and members of Somerset Cricket Club for such generosity.”Mr Govia was presented with the donation, which was raised from codfish breakfasts held on two Sundays.The breakfasts were held at Somerset Cricket Club and brought people from across the island together to support the cause. Dr Tankard said: “The response have been overwhelming. The reason we had a second breakfast was because the first day was so successful.“Tickets were sold out and we ran out of food, but people still stood in line to support the cause. Many made donations.”