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Businessman has bright idea for cleaner air

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Air solution: Albert Simons, owner ATS LED Suppliers, demonstrates his new panel light with a built-in air purifier (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Concern about indoor air quality as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic has given a businessman the bright idea to sell a panel light with a built-in air purifier.Albert Simons ran his own tests with an air monitor to see if the light and its purifying system made a difference.He said that the panel, known as a V-Buster, or virus buster, could make a difference as businesses, schools, rest homes and households looked for ways to make their buildings healthier.Mr Simons said the panel helped to filter out mobile bacteria, viruses and mould.He added: “Everybody is concerned about the air quality in the workplace, and in schools, nurseries and rest homes. Wherever people are concerned, this could work.“In this pandemic, I think it would be a good product for businesses to have.”Mr Simons’s showroom on Lovers Lane, Paget, has been open for six years, although the business started as a home-based enterprise in 2010.He has seen increased demand for energy-saving lighting as householders and businesses became more aware of the cost advantages and greener credentials of a switch to LED options.Mr Simons added: “It has become very popular as people look to cut their energy bills. Because LED burns little wattage there is instant payback. People and business are taking advantage of this more and more.”The newest addition to the range at ATS LED Suppliers is the panel light and air purifier.Mr Simons said: “I’ve been testing it. I was waiting for my air-quality monitor to confirm it works. Once I got the monitor, I set it up and recorded the air quality before I turned the panel on, and then turned it on and recorded the end results.”The panel light can be mounted on a wall or ceiling and contains filters which are changed at six-month intervals.Mr Simons added: “I’d like to get it in rest homes, schools and nurseries — even in retail shops.”

Efficient choice: Albert Simons, owner of ATS LED Suppliers, says more householders and businesses are switching to LED lightbulbs to save on energy bills (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)