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Driver charged with injuring cycling magistrate

A 74-year-old driver accused of injuring a cycling magistrate has given evidence in his Magistrates’ Court trial.

Brian Alkon, a real estate agent from St George’s, is charged with causing grievous bodily harm to Craig Attridge by driving a vehicle without due care and attention with an alternative charge of driving without due care and attention.

The court heard last Friday that Mr Attridge was cycling along Secretary Road in St George about noon on April 21 last year when he was hurt.

Mr Alkon testified that he stopped his grey Peugeot station wagon at the stop sign on Bourne Drive near the junction with Secretary Road and Park Hill.

He said a motorcycle pulled up behind him and “after maybe a minute” drove around him and up Park Hill.

Mr Alkon said: “When he passed me, I went from the stop sign to the edge of Bourne Drive, Park Hill and Secretary Road. I always do that because you get a better angle on cars coming down Secretary Road.

“I looked to the right, then looked to the left, and saw a pedal bike rider at the top of the hill where I had originally seen three pedal bike riders.”

Mr Alkon said he turned right and saw a red car parked at the junction that was “one-quarter on the road”.

He said he drove “on the proper side of the road, which is left going up Secretary Road, and saw a pedal bike rider in my rear view window wearing a red shirt, perfectly erect, with two hands on the handlebars – and then I hear a bang and he’s gone.”

Mr Alkon said he stopped the car and found Mr Attridge “stretched out” behind his vehicle.

He said that he pulled a green pedal bike off the magistrate and “put it over off the road in the gully”.

Mr Alkon added that he called 911 to report that a cyclist had just rear-ended his car.

He said that he moved his car to the “other side of the road out of the way where the bike was”.

Mr Alkon said: “When I heard the ambulance, I got scared and thought they wouldn’t be able to get in there so I moved the car”.

Police constable Nidra McKenzie-Simons earlier testified that she attended the scene and found the grey Peugeot on Secretary Road on the left side of the road facing west.

Pc McKenzie-Simons told the court that Mr Alkon identified himself as the driver of the car and said that he did not see the cycle when he exited Bourne Drive on to Secretary Road.

She said Mr Attridge was on a backboard with a neck brace and being treated by EMTs.

Pc McKenzie-Simons added it appeared that the bicycle had been moved before she arrived.

Michael Scott, for the defence, asked Pc McKenzie-Simons if she took notes. She replied: “I do not recall, sir.”

She said that she “was more concerned with the injured party on the ground”.

Pc McKenzie-Simons added that traffic was “light”, the hedges along Secretary Road were “trimmed”, and that visibility was “good”.

Nicole Smith, for the Crown, asked Pc McKenzie-Simons if Mr Alkon had approached her before or after she knew that the man on the backboard was Mr Attridge.

She replied: “Before.”

Mr Attridge’s wife, Kirsteen Anne, who was cycling ahead of him, also gave evidence.

She said a motorcycle rider who pulled up behind Mr Alkon’s car “seemed to get frustrated and beeped his horn”.

She added that happened “several” times.

A statement by Celeste Maycock, the emergency room doctor who treated Mr Attridge at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, said he had complained of pain to his upper right back, right side, and right collarbone. She added he had abrasions to his right side, left knee and elbow.

Dr Maycock added that a CT scan showed that Mr Attridge had a mildly displaced fracture of the right collarbone.

Acting magistrate Marc Daniels adjourned the case until December 9.

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Magistrates Court (File photograph by Glenn Tucker)