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Court hears man charged with gun part importation was seen on CCTV in US FedEx office

A man charged with concealment of gun in a parcel shipped to Bermuda was caught on camera at the offices of the US courier from where the contraband was sent, the Supreme Court heard yesterday.

James Rumley, of Spring Benny Road, Sandys, has pleaded not guilty to three counts of importation of firearm components.

The alleged offences took place in June and October last year.

One police officer told the court he contacted detectives in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, last June to see if they could trace who had sent a package containing gun parts from a branch of the city’s Federal Express offices.

Mr Rumley was living in Pittsburgh at the time.

Sgt Warren Bundy said that special agents responded with CCTV stills of “the person believed to have sent the package” which contained a gun handgrip and trigger mechanisms concealed in a shower head.

Cindy Clarke, for the Crown, asked Sergeant Bundy if he recognised the man in the photograph.

Sergeant Bundy pointed and replied: “Yes, I recognised the person I now know to be James Rumley, the gentleman in the box.”

He added that he later examined more video images taken at a FedEx office on three separate dates.

Sergeant Bundy said Mr Rumley could be seen in all three images.

Sgt Bundy added he had known Mr Rumley for 25 years after he moved into the accused’s neighbourhood in Sandys.

Victoria Greening, for the defence, asked Sergeant Bundy to confirm Mr Rumley’s good character.

She said: “You will agree that he was a very positive person, he wasn’t involved in gangs, he wasn’t a trouble maker.”

A second police officer also told the court she knew Mr Rumley.

Detective Constable Anneka Donowa, who interviewed Mr Rumley after his arrest last October, said that she had gone to school with the defendant.

Ms Donowa told the court that Mr Rumley asked to speak to her before the interview got under way.

She said: “He told me that he didn’t have anything to do with the package and he would speak to me when he got bail.”

But she also told the court that immediately after he was arrested, Mr Rumley told officers he knew why he was being arrested.

Ms Donowa said: “He said he knew we were looking for him and he was going to turn himself in.”

The trial continues.

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