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Olderhood Radio Podcast

The Olderhood Group Ltd., is a local Bermuda registered company, owned and operated by Bermudians, Bill Storie and Robin Trimingham. The company has produced hundreds of webinars, workshops, videos and podcasts in a variety of categories including – financial management, healthcare, life transitions, career planning, personal development, and motivation.

Do I need a Financial Advisor – Bill Storie and Ian Price.

Rethinking Early Retirement – Robin Trimingham and Bill Storie

Making Early Retirement a Reality – Robin Trimingham and Bill Storie

Investing in 2022 – Year in Review Nick Rilley, Butterfield

The Art of Forgiveness – Robin Trimingham

Am I being a Softie? – Bill Storie

Time to Get Going in Retirement – Robin Trimingham and Bill Storie

Are you sick of playing the Waiting Game? – Robin’s Blog

Focusing on the Future – Robin Trimingham

Nick Rilley, Butterfield Asset Management – 3rd Quarter Review

Can you be a Leader if you’re Retired – Bill Storie

The problem with Birthdays – Robin’s Blogcast

Olderhood Radio Playlist