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World Cup success will take some beating

Happy New Year Bermuda! It is now 2010 and as I sit and try to reflect on the greatest sporting moments both locally and internationally since the new millennium several things come to mind. What I will do is share with you my top three local and international sporting performances individually or by a team, that I feel were just outstanding and a step above the rest.On the local front coming in at number three for me is North Village winning the Triple Crown in 2006.North Village for years and years had threatened to achieve this feat, but in 2006 it became a reality.This is an accomplishment that is rarely down on local soil but once achieved it becomes a memorable historic event.It had been almost 30 years since the famous North Village team with Ralph (Gumbo) Bean won the Triple Crown and many would bet against them repeating this feat again in the near future even though they are easily now the club to beat on the local front.At number two is Janeiro Tucker breaking Lloyd James' Cup match record in 2001 by amassing a total of 186, currently the highest individual score by any player.James had set the record of 173 not out back in 1962. So it took some 39 years later for someone to break the record, but records are there to be broken. Anyone that saw his innings at St. George's that year would have seen a phenomenal innings with runs being scored all over the field.That was without a doubt the best individual performance on local soil ever and will be remembered for years and years.Coming in at number one and easily the biggest achievement by any individual or team in the new millennium is Bermuda's national cricket team qualifying in Ireland for cricket World Cup, back in July, 2005.That will never be forgotten.Bermuda had been for years trying to qualify and finally the curse of finishing just short was over.Twice before Bermuda cricket teams finished runners up in the qualifying stages to World Cup, but this time around we would not stumble.This was a team like no other. Gus Logie will go down in history as the coach that made dreams become reality. Never in my life had I seen so many grown men cry tears of joy.On the international front it was a little tougher as there were so many outstanding performers and performances since the year 2000.Trying my best to be non-biased the following are my top three performances.At number three we have a night to remember when Lennox Lewis knocked out the infamous “Iron” Mike Tyson on June 8, 2002.This fight was the most hyped up fight for ages. With all the heavyweight titles up for grabs this fight was surely going to be a fight to remember.In the eighth round Lennox Lewis tagged Mike Tyson with his famous right hook, which floored the once invincible fighter. This fight established Lennox Lewis in the history of boxing as one of the best ever and definitely the best in his era.Easily at number two is the talented Swiss tennis star Roger Federer whose outstanding performances led him to an all time high of 16 Grand Slam titles.He is one of only seven players ever to achieve the tennis Grand Slam.So talented was he that he held the number one position in tennis for a record 237 weeks and is currently number two in the world.As a result of his achievements Federer was named Laureus World Sportsmen of the year for a record four consecutive years (2005-2008).In at number one is Tiger Woods. In 2000 Woods won three consecutive majors only to go on in 2001 and win the fourth major with journalists calling it the “Tiger Slam”.Since 2000 until 2009 the only year Woods didn't finish number one was in 2004, when he finished second to Vijay Singh.During the reign as champion he won the PGA Player of the Year seven times. July 10th, 2010 Forbes named Woods the richest sportsman in the world earning 105m. His surge in golf has brought him to a total of 14 Major Championships just four shy of the great Jack Nicklaus.Obviously there are several other team and individual performances that I could have mentioned both locally and overseas.As a sportsman I sit with great anticipation to see what the next decade of sports will bring. Who will be the next young sportsman to light the local scene or world on fire?