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St David's worthy champions

Congratulations to St David’s Cricket Club on winning the league this season. They have been by far the best team in Bermuda this summer.St David’s bounced back from a mediocre season last year and set the standard in Bermuda this year.While cricket comes to an end this weekend, I wonder if St David’s can be stopped in the 20/20, or will they go on to continue their dominance in the league?At the beginning of the year St David’s captured the services of coach Wendell Smith. Some would say that a coach doesn’t make that much of a difference, but I beg to differ. Good coaching can often be the difference between winning and losing. What the coach instils in his players often makes the difference on the day.St David’s have been able to utilise their talent when it counted the most. It is obvious that they have the most depth on the Island, and that along with some of the most talented players on the Island certainly did not hurt their chances of being League champions.While we always talk about the well-known players such as Lionel (Cann), Delyone (Borden), OJ (Pitcher), Fiqre (Cockwell), and Justin (Pitcher), it is the not so big name players that have really made the difference.There have been games when Sammy Robinson, Del Hollis, Landro Minors, Lauren Marshall and Ajuan Lamb have come to the party and played major roles in crucial games. This typifies what a team is all about, everyone being accountable and chipping in for success.Over the years St David’s have developed a strong winning mentality, which when games get tight helps them to overcome most. While Bailey’s Bay may beg to differ due to them winning more games, but the best team on the Island are champions and deservedly.This past season has had its highs and its lows. Cup Match 2011 was one of the best we have seen in years. Exciting, thrilling, electrifying are some adjectives one can use to describe the game.Lionel Cann made the difference between the two teams over the two days. His innings were very responsible but explosive at the same time, thus making for one of the best finishes we have seen in a long time.Rangers’ winning streak continued in the Belco Cup as they won yet again beating PHC in the finals.In a game that swayed back and forth, eventually the experience of Rangers shone through. Janeiro Tucker, the seasoned veteran, guided them home to safety after PHC had them in serious trouble.National coach David Moore put together an elite group of players to play amongst each other in a mini tournament. It was a brilliant idea bringing about a high level of cricket.The Bermuda national cricket team qualified for the 20/20 tournament in Dubai. Lionel Cann made a comeback to international cricket and set the standard with some dazzling batting displays. If only we could end the season there, but we had plenty of low points as well.There were two games that never finished due to poor behaviour towards the umpires.This has been an ongoing issue that definitely needs to be looked at and rectified. The game cannot go on without umpires and we have to be mindful that humanly the best of us can make mistakes.Social Club dropped out of the league due to player unavailability.They had been very competitive under Charlie Marshall and were expected to be very competitive this year under new player/coach Rodney Trott. However, after merely a month into the season they withdrew their team and one can only hope they will return soon.St. George’s, a powerhouse in cricket, got relegated after sitting in second place half-way through the season. Failure to win a single game in the second half of the season was our biggest disappointment and we only have ourselves to blame.Lack of player commitment to training and player unavailability hindered us the most.Bermuda, I want to encourage you to come out and support your national team as the season comes to a close.MCC will be tough opponents and should be a good gauge for our cricketers to see where they really are. The arrival of one of my heros, Geoff Boycott, should inspire players to want to play and do well.Players, coaches, clubs and umpires, I urge us to all come together at the end of the season and have a post mortem.Sit down and share our thoughts on how we can better Bermuda cricket so that next year we can look to rectify some of the problems that we were faced with this season.“Together Everyone Achieves More” and I urge all of you to play your part in helping Bermuda cricket going forward.