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Just the music for a change

Just to show readers that I do in fact listen, this week I will deny my penchant for social commentary and focus on music/entertainment.Don’t get it twisted, the overwhelming majority of the feedback we receive supports the current format of this column.However, for the avoidance of doubt, let’s restate the intent.This column started in 1990 as a top 20 of dance music tunes. It features new songs and songs that make people dance the most or are most played/most liked. If a song is new but doesn’t fill floors as much as an older track; it may not appear in this review.The annoying thing for me when I’m DJing is the tendency of local audiences to not dance but to simply stand on the side of a dance floor and gyrate alone. Back in the day, when I played in spots like The Club, Oasis, Scandal, etc, people actually went onto the dance floor. Nowadays the dudes stand together in a bunch, talking and playing with their smart phones and the cuties stand somewhere else, also in groups, doing the same. I don’t understand it but it is what it is.Everything in life evolves and this column is no different. As I became older, I became bolder and more willing to share my views. People liked my ’keeping-it-real‘ approach. I’m willing to say or write what others think in the quiet privacy of their homes but dare not say in public. I speak the truth as I see it. I have more supporters than detractors of my social commentary and submissions in this forum. So as long as the RG will allow, I will continue to keep it real and pen this column in its current format.The majority of the readers, fans and bloggers have indicated that they have more interest in the social commentary than the songs. I, however, love music and am trying to stay close to my DJ roots, retaining at least some of what the original intent of the article was.The music industry is in a good space right now. There are a ton of new tracks out. I’m loving the trend of songs and styles like Bruno Mars and Alex Clare; creative, up-tempo stuff that combines soft, punchy rock and roll with R&B. Sweet.It is also approaching carnival time in Soca Land, Trinidad. We already have some new releases for 2013, some of which will likely be road marches in the carnivals throughout the world.And since we’re talking not just about the music industry but the entertainment industry proper, do check out the new 007 flick, ‘Skyfall’, the theme song of which was written and performed by British phenom Adele, who is to perform it at the Oscars soon. This may be one of the best Bond films ever. Seriously. I’m a huge Bond fan and have seen them all. I must give the writers and producers big props for putting together an amazing storyline. I can’t say too much but will only say that Bond is set to go another 50 years.Just go see the film.That’s all for this week folks. Peace ... DJLT.And now, the Top 20.Still holding on to the top spot at #1 is Rihanna’s latest hit, Diamonds. Rihanna’s hit is still banging and filling dance floors. She is without a doubt the queen of pop music and pop culture.Improving to #2 this week, is Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys featuring Nicki Minaj. I watched the inauguration earlier this week and thought Alicia Keys‘ red dress was bangin’. She performed a reworded version of this hit, dedicated to the Pres, singing, “Obama’s on Fire“, to raucous applause.Tumbling to #3 is Let Me Love You (Until you Learn to Love Yourself) by Ne-yo.Also on the rise, up to #4, is Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars. I so love the creative style of Mars’ material, which embraces rock and roll, Spanish guitar, R&B and hip hop.Falling to #5 is Die Young by Ke$ha. This is a catchy dance/pop hit that is in typical Ke$ha style up-tempo and energetic.Slipping to #6 is Gangnam Style by PSY.Up to #7 it’s the new dance/pop hit from Justin Bieber and Nicky Minaj entitled Beauty and a Beat. Love the beat of this one.Improving to #8 is Don’t Stop the Party, by Pitbull. This is a typical Pitbull track; a hot, hyped beat, lots of energy and a solid vocal performance.Slipping to #9 is One More Night by Maroon 5.Up to #8 is a former essential new tune, Whistle, by Flo Rida.Improving to #9 is a former essential new track, Clique, by Kanye West, Jay-Z and Big Sean.Up to #10 is Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding.Improving to #11 is last week’s essential new tune, Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Wanz.Soaring to #12 is Scream and Shout by will.i.am and Britney Spears.Advancing to #13 is I Found You by The Wanted. This British boy band has followed up their mega hit with another chart topper. It’s not as good as their first hit, ‘I’m Glad You Came’, but it’s good enough to be in charts worldwide.Up to #14 is Big Banana by Havana Brown featuring R3hab. Interesting song. I’m sure you can guess what it’s about and what the lyrics mean.And now, this week’s essential new tune. New at #15 is Right Now by the queen of pop, Rihanna, featuring David Guetta, the hottest dance music remixer producer in the industry.New at #16 is Too Close by Alex Clare. This dude has a really good voice. He can sing. His voice is so clear. The track is in heavy circulation on international radio stations and more importantly in Bermuda, where local DJs and audiences alike are responding to it favourably.In at #17 is Na Na Na by Akon. This is a monster dance track which represents a departure from hip hop and an entrance into the mainstream by Akon. It also shows growth and evolution as an artist. The track bangs.New at #18 is F*ckn Problems by A$AP Rocky. A$AP Rocky bows at No 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart with his debut album ‘Long.Live.A$AP’ selling 139,000 copies according to Nielsen SoundScan. Look out for this new cat; he has mad skills.Entering at #19 is Neva End by Kelly Rowland and Future. This track is a rap love song, with a slow deliberate beat and good vocal performances. Also, Kelly Rowland is very easy on the eyes.In at #20 is the modern reggae hit My Confession by Demarco.