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The jobs are out there for the good worker

Last week I asked the question ”Why people don't want to work after 5pm?“ This week's question is ”Why can't some people find a job?“I have an idea why some can't, just hear me out.I was talking to a buddy the other day, who, even in a recession, has a part time gig. This dude is a hustler, knows how to make a dollar, and is humble enough to do whatever it takes to provide for his family.He was saying that he finds it strange that at a time when people claim to not be able to find a job, for the past two weeks he has worked 40 hours per week at his part time gig; largely because the full time staff keep calling in sick, occasionally do dumb stuff, can't be relied upon, etc.Some bloggers will say: ”Here he goes again hating on the foot soldiers.“But, it's not hating. I'm appreciating the reality of what is happening, or may be happening.A wise person advised my friend that even though we are in our fifth consecutive year of projected negative growth, which definitely qualifies as a full fledged recession, there will always be work for good people.But, what are good people?Good workers are ones who come to work on time or early, do a good job, aren't in a rush to leave because the clock strikes 5pm, and will stay until the job is done.They are invariably workers who are flexible, and cover for colleagues who may be genuinely sick, or for whatever reasons, unable to perform their duties. These are just some of the qualities of a good worker, but I will name a few more.Good workers understand that the customer is king. The customer is definitely not always right, but, the customer is still, and always will be, the customer. Good workers get this, and are not rude or disrespectful to clients.For good workers, good behaviour, productivity and conduct is the rule, not the exception.Another wise person told my friend that it's about survival of the fittest in a downturn. This applies to companies as well as employees. The rationale is that high performers, and high achievers, will always find a job, no matter what the economic climate.What may have happened in Bermuda is that with so many people being available, companies have the luxury of not having to hire low performers, or people with a poor work ethic, simply because better options exist, are available, and will come to work for the same price that one might have to pay for a lower performer.Basically, if your company needs people, you are nowadays able to get higher qualified people at lower salaries. There are a ton of university educated people, some I've met with Masters Degrees, who will now work for $60k a year. Five years ago they would have turned their noses down at such a post; but oh my God has the paradigm shifted.I think this recession is actually going to be good for Bermuda in some respects. I think we all had an inflated sense of our own self importance, wealth, worth, value, etc. And this is not just about employees.Employers are now taking care, checking references, calling around to ask questions, and being more cautious, and careful, about who they hire. They don't want to make the mistake of hiring a sub standard, or average, worker when they can get a better qualified, better trained, more experienced alternative with a better work ethic.Employers are sharing information about people who did unsustainable or unacceptable things in the workplace in the past, if they are called for references. Sometimes what you do comes back to you.The workforce must learn the lessons of why we should always practice good work habits. I believe every employee would be a better employee if they owned a business for a few months and had to deal with, and pay out of their own pocket for, the dumb stuff that some employees inflict upon their employers.Hopefully the recession will cause people who have poor work ethic to improve their work habits and behaviours, so that they become more employable, and the kind of employee who will always have a job, no matter what the economic conditions may be.Fail to step up your work ethic game, and you will be unemployed for a while longer.

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