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Where are the jobs?

Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/APRapper Drake at the 55th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles in February. Drake has been nominated for 12 BET Awards, Tuesday, May 14, 2013. The awards show will air live June 30 from Los Angeles’ Nokia Theater LA Live.

I took a quick look at The Royal Gazette’s website this week and other online sources and counted some 50 jobs advertised.Granted some of them might be work permit renewals but if qualified people don’t apply, they will always need work permits. But that’s just a quick look. If I looked really hard I’m sure I could find more.Some were for housekeepers, live in housekeepers, part time housekeepers; waiters, but they were jobs. I found one for a motorcycle mechanic.Granted a mechanic must now have ‘papers’ and cannot just be a backyard dude who messes around with bikes; but as I saw recently, sometimes if you give a person a chance, who may not meet the full requirements; you can occasionally find a gem.Therefore, a word to employers — don’t be closed to the idea that work experience can in some cases be equal to or in some cases greater than degrees and certifications.I must admit that the 50 jobs I found will not employ the 3000+ persons looking for work; but it could reduce the number of unemployed persons by 50 and that is 50 families whose lives suddenly will get a lot better.Word to the wise — you cannot employ 3000 until you employ 300. You cannot employ 300 until you employ 30.You cannot employ 30 until you employ three and you cannot employ 3 until and unless you employ one. We can get our unemployed persons working one at a time.Cellular One was looking for a welcome specialist! Anybody with the right work ethic can do that.The jobs were mostly mid level, not all senior management posts and many did not require a college degree.Coordinators, business reporters, a marble and tile specialist, the list was endless. The notion that there are no jobs is a bold faced lie.Of course, mathematically there are not 3000 jobs to employ the majority of those who are unemployed and who wish to work. But there are some jobs.I also recall earlier in the year, the two Fairmonts, Bermuda’s largest hotels and the last bastions of a bygone era when we had 6000 hotel rooms (we are now somewhere around 3000 — sad but true); had full page advertisements in The Royal Gazette looking for all manner of staff for the current tourism season.But in the spirit of being customer driven and customer focused; I went further to the Government’s Website and even went to the Department of Human Resources to see what jobs there are. There were a few.There are no jobs being advertised in Post Office, as one blogger asked.We do listen. But the Cabinet Office is looking for an intern. What a great opportunity for a young person recently out of college.I’ve met many young Bermudians who have gone through this programme and have been pleased to observe their growth and development through that process.They learn things and are paid a decent salary. This has prepared them for careers in the civil service and in the private sector.So there have been jobs and there still are a few around. But don’t miss last week’s point. Last week’s point wasn’t so much that there are jobs; the point was that there will always be jobs for people with the correct, desired and sustainable work ethic.Because even if these people are made redundant, their reputation is solid, they will get good references and will soon find work; sooner than persons who don’t have good reputations or don’t have good work ethic.That was the point; that it appears was completely missed.And here is proof. I know a young Bermudian man, about 24, who had a job, a basic entry level job that is not a desk job and requires some physical labour, but not too much. It doesn’t require a degree.This dude comes to work on time every day. He never calls in sick unless he or his kid are gravely ill.He does what’s expected of him. He never says no when his boss asks if he will do something extra.He stays late if asked most of the time if and when he can. He does whatever is asked of him as long as it is reasonable, ethical and legal.So guess what? He got a promotion! In a recession folks.This dude has such a great work ethic, that he had the choice of staying in his current job or taking a new one. By the way, this is not the same ‘friend’ to whom I referred last week.So this smart young brother takes the new job but decides to work for his old boss part time. What a clever Bermudian he is and what an awesome work ethic he has.So, in answer to the question where are the jobs? The answer is that the Government is trying and working to create the conditions for job creation.It will not happen overnight. We all hope and pray that it will happen. There are signs that things may improve but it is going to take years before 3000 jobs will be created.But we can get our unemployed persons working one at a time, if we teach our workforce how to consistently practice good work ethic; if people are willing to apply for a job that is a little different and possibly at a lower pay grade than what they had before; if people are willing to work a part-time job to make up the slack; and if people are willing to humble themselves and do something that previously they may have thought was beneath them.

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