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Giving credit where credit is due

Shining example: Our columnist praises Digicel’s customer service (File photo)

We all hate paying cell bills and/or poor cellular service, don’t we? Recently I received a call from Digicel. At first I thought to myself, “WDH (what de heck)?”. I had paid my bill two days before, so why were they calling me?

A pleasant sounding young lady was on the line telling me about a new mobile package they were offering. I replied, “Ok, go on, let me hear it”, halfheartedly expecting to just say “no thanks” at the end of the conversation.

However, this young lady took the time to explain what my data usage history was and how this package would save me money in the long run. Well, we all like to save money, innit?

She sent me an e-mail to show precisely what I would be getting and then followed up with a call to confirm that I had received the e-mail. To cut a long story short, the young lady’s customer service alone sold me on the package.

Mind you, the package itself was a great package — 5GB of data, unlimited local calls and 60 minutes long distance all for $149 a month.

So impressive was her customer service that I felt compelled to post on my Facebook page and on a local Facebook page by the name of “MAJ List”, which describes itself as follows: “Post your personal reviews/ recommendations about Bermuda’s businesses.

“The good, the bad and the ugly. Get hundreds of reviews/recommendations at your finger tips instantly.”

Shortly after posting, I received these messages:

n Kim McCallan: I got the same call from a pleasant young lady, Jahnikia. Customer service was excellent, well done.

n Jakai Franks: Thomas and Kim, thank you very much for your kind words regarding your pleasant experience with Shakira and Jahnikia. I will be sure that both ladies hear about these praises, and are treated to lunch next week. Jakai, customer care director, Digicel Bermuda.

I write this to say that often, far too often, we wrinch about a business or we wrinch about “Bermudians’ poor customer service”. Yet in the midst of the wrinching, we forget to acknowledge when we receive excellent service. It does not take much of an effort to be a great service provider. Likewise, it does not take much of an effort to be a customer giving praise where and when it is due.

I would like to thank this young lady and her manager Mr Jakai Franks for excellent Bermudian customer service.

Ms Sharika Lister, you are a great example of a young professional. Thank you.