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An enduring bond that time can never break

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Those were the days, my friend: These faces in 1985 tell a tale of unbridled joy in our “family”. Right: All dressed up with somewhere to go

“How do I say goodbye to what we had?

The good times that made us laugh

Outweigh the bad.

I thought we’d get to see forever

But forever’s gone away

It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.”

— Boys II Men

By Christopher Famous

Less than two months ago a gathering took place. No, not a gathering, a reunion. No, not a reunion, it was a family event. Yea, that is what it was, a family event.

At this family event, persons who had known each other for more than 35 years came together, hugged, gave fists and held hands with each other. They sat and spoke about when they first met as strangers and how they had grown to become integral parts of each other’s lives in one way or another.

Some see each other daily, while others not so frequently.

Yet irrespective of how often they saw each other, there exists a bond that time could never displace.

In between the food, fun and frequent jokes, they seemingly transported themselves back in time to an era that their biggest concerns were handing in their homework on time and what to get for lunch at the tuck shop.

For a brief moment, they paused in silence to acknowledge the ones who could not join them, as they had graduated beyond any earthly classroom.

There were eight names called. Eight smiles that were absent. Eight voices missing from the choir singing the school song.

One never knows when another voice will leave the school song.

They love and cherish each one of the voices that no longer speak to us in person. Yet they know they are with them in spirit singing the school song.

Another Angel

Last week a ninth voice joined the other eight.

A voice that was ever meek, kind, humble and loving. A face that never had a frown upon it. Two hands that always were stretched to assist one of her family members.

Her family here on Earth are now short of one more person to sing their school song. Yet they are comforted in knowing her lifelong kindness has been rewarded with eternal peace and happiness.

Today the Berkeley Institute Class/Family of 1985 bow our head in remembrance of our sister who has achieved the highest “Honour Roll” pin.

Today the family of 1 West 1980, in particular, pay ultimate love and respect to one of our very own.

Ms Dolita Michele Lambert, your smile wins out always.

Respice Finem