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Unleash shining hope in our youth

We must encourage them: children are our best resources for a bright future

With an election year unfolding, and the usual divisive rhetoric starting to fill the air, there will be no shortage of vitriolic statements floating about that are designed to gain or rekindle support from various segments of the community. In the process, there is a tendency for things to get nasty. This is mainly because we have too many adults still drenched in negative emotions from the past.

In the political arena worldwide, it is not uncommon for those vying for public office to cash in on anything they feel will help them to achieve that goal.

In Bermuda, it becomes critical trying to read between the lines when opposing groups become embellished in attacking each other on just about every issue, with undeniable racial tones mixed in that leave many to wonder whether we will ever be able to rise to a higher level of accepting diversity as an irreversible part of the new world.

History cannot be erased, and so it should never be a question of not facing up to wrongs of the past. It is learning and understanding the past that enables us to be better equipped in moving forward in a more cohesive spirit that strengthens rather than weakens society.

That certainly is much easier said than done.

What often goes unnoticed are the many young people who are working and playing together with that fresh spark on their faces, which becomes a shining hope for becoming good, successful and productive citizens. Nothing should be done to dull a glow that gives promise for a better tomorrow. Whatever our political allegiances may be, at the end of the day it boils down to the common values of mutual respect for truth and decency in sharing our island.

There are many parents and guardians fully committed to guiding young minds amid countless negative distractions that increase almost daily. Despite the obstacles, there are success stories fully yet to unfold. To see the joy and enthusiasm on the faces of young winners during Bermuda Marathon Weekend was nothing short of what can be achieved when focus and energy are used in a positive manner.

It is to be hoped that other youngsters, who for various reasons are inclined to feel they are not a part of society, will be given new hope that they, too, can achieve anything with hard work.

When we see diversity in an infant class being escorted across the street, with the children holding hands, it is difficult not envision the future of Bermuda as a place where through the children that bridge of age-old social divisiveness will be crossed. That should be everyone’s hope.

With America in the grip of wondering what the Donald Trump Administration will bring, and the nation still deeply divided over what to expect, the outgoing President Barack Obama tried to life spirits when he emphasised that he believed in the American people. “I think we will be OK,” he said.

Although the new administration has had a number of run-ins with the media, Obama had praise for the free press and urged them to continue to ask the questions, no matter how sensitive because democracy is protected by better-informed people.

Bermuda is perched at the moment to make considerable progress with the America’s Cup drawing even closer. This is not to suggest that we should shun our civic responsibilities in the lead-up to a General Election. However, our leaders need to think of our children and their future before unleashing words that could affect the stability of our business and social infrastructure.

It would be good for our children to look back later with pride that those in leadership positions held their cool during challenging times to carve a better path for the country and the people.

The famous rescue of the Apollo 13 mission crew in 1970 was achieved only with cool heads and co-operation. There was one objective: saving the lives of the crew, who encountered a major malfunction in space.

The lesson for all from that incident is that pooling our best resources usually results in something positive.

Children are our best resources for a bright future. They must be encouraged and guided if they are to be a shining light for other generations.