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Remember, you are the sculptor of your life

Seize the moment: the river of your life could flow smoothly and remain calm and stagnant, or you can take on the waves and make your days special and exhilarating (Photograph supplied)

When I think of time I imagine it as a river. A river of my life.

It could flow quietly and smoothly and I would remain calm in the cozy, stagnant harbour of everyday life and hesitate to step in. Days pass by, measured and mundane, and nothing changes. Or, I can boldly rush into the waves, overcoming currents, and make my day and life special and different.

Sometimes I think about time as a precious vessel of our life. Will it be filled to the brim with bubbling days and interesting, creative activities? Will it be drunk quickly like a young wine, or will it taste sour and stale as vinegar? It depends only on me. I know that I am the master of my time and the sculptor of my life.

How often I put off plans and dreams for tomorrow, someday, next month, another year? How many times have I said, “the time is not right” or “it is just bad timing”?

Then, the wonderful movements of my soul’s impulses and endeavours never happen. The book has not been completed, the calls to loved ones have not been made, the interesting movies have not been watched, places I dream to see remained unvisited. I find an excuse for myself, “I just do not have enough time to do everything”.

One evening, my husband Bill and I were sitting at a special grassy spot at our house at Cavello Bay. It was around eleven and the languid calm of summer turned the ocean water at our feet into a mirror of lights from Watford Bridge. Tree frogs were peeping in the darkness, the air felt thick with heat, and the stars were scattered like jewels. Bill spoke quietly in his calm voice, “Let’s swim ...”

I turned at him and exclaimed, “What? Now?” I shook my head. I could just see his eyes, and the small creases around them as he smiled when he replied, “If not now, when?”

I hesitated, shaking my head. He stood up, threw off his T-shirt and dove straight and flat into the dark water. A flurry of green glowing sparks followed him like the tail of a comet. I gasped in wonderment. With each movement more sparks flared briefly, then vanished. He stopped swimming, lightly treading water, and the sparks danced around him in unison. I began to laugh. Before I knew it, I had joined him, and we swam far out into the still waters of the bay, stopping from time to time to gaze at the constellations above us and to marvel at the natural phosphorescence we were creating as we moved.

I thought of the millions of tiny marine animals that were creating this unearthly light. I realised how alive the world is in all its mystery, and I luxuriated in the silky embrace of the warm, endless water. We floated on our backs, hands touching occasionally.

This moment, I know, will resonate within me for ever.

How many special moments do we lose by thinking we will do them later? There is no “later”! All we know for certain is that there is “now”.

Live consciously in time and find time for important things.

Find time for work, this is the condition of success. Find time for reflection, this is the source of strength. Find time to play, this is the secret of youth. Find time to read, this is the basis of knowledge. Find time for friendship, this is a condition of happiness. Find time for fun, it’s the music of the soul. Find time for a dream, this is the way to the stars. Find time for love, this is the true joy of life.

Nina London is a certified wellness and weight-management coach. Her mission is to support and inspire mature women to make positive changes in their body and mind. Share your inspirational stories with her here: www.ninalondon.com