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Get ready – not hard to see an election is in the air

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“Even Ray Charles can see what is going on.”

A common saying in reference to when things are blatantly clear. If anyone has any doubts that an election is near, they would need to look at a few key indicators as of late.

Recently, the One Bermuda Alliance has ramped up its media campaign with very expensive full-page print advertisements and equally as expensive online social-media adverts. Countless persons have made note of these pop-up adverts appearing when one logs on to almost any website.

The reality is the OBA has to win at least 19 seats if it wishes to remain in government. Recent polling showing that fewer and fewer blacks are supporting the OBA is certainly a bad sign for them, as it is the black swing vote that determines election outcomes in Bermuda.

So the OBA will have to appear more in touch with the concerns of the black community over the next few weeks and months.

Essentially, the OBA is going to do what is has to do to survive.

On the flip side, the Progressive Labour Party has rolled out four candidates within the past month. Commencing in St George’s with Senator Renée Ming, then Kim Swan, continuing with Ernest Peets Jr and Senator Tinée Furbert.

While there have been no expensive full-page adverts from the PLP, we have increased our door-to-door canvassing, reaching out to Bermudians in a one-on-one manner.

The reality for the PLP is that we have to win at least 19 seats if we wish to become the government. A recent poll would indicate that while support of white voters has trended towards the OBA, the black swing vote has trended towards the PLP.

Essentially, the PLP is going to do what it has to do to survive.

The stark reality of politics worldwide is that each party will do what they have to do to either retain government or gain government.

In recent Caribbean elections, we have witnessed an increasing trend of sitting governments being voted out by the electorate.

On May 10, the Progressive Liberal Party government in the Bahamas was nearly wiped out by the Opposition, with election results giving the new Free Nassau Movement government 35 seats to the incumbent’s four.

A clear sign that the electorate was ready for change.

More recently, on May 24, a General Election took place in the Cayman Islands. The sitting People’s Progress Movement lost its majority with a surge of nine independent candidates winning seats, forcing a coalition government.

Yet another clear sign of an electorate ready for change.

Back home in Bermuda, dependent on who one speaks to, one can hear “Forward together, let’s give the OBA another chance” or “It is time to put Bermudians first, it is time for change”.

For the Bermudian electorate, they need to ensure that they, their friends and family are properly registered to vote. They need to ensure that they have proper government-issued ID, such as a valid passport, driver’s licence or a voter ID card.

No matter where you stand on the political divide, the reality is a General Election is clearly on the horizon.

“Even Stevie Wonder can see that.”

Christopher Famous is a Progressive Labour Party organiser. Reach out to him on WhatsApp at 599-0901 or e-mail carib_pro@yahoo.com

Candidates rolled out: Tinée Furbert will represent PLP (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)