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Readers, it’s time to say goodbye

A journey together: when Dr Nekia started writing her column she had no idea that she would be received so well by the community

Dear Dr Nekia,

Well actually, this edition of The Naked Truth is really addressed to my beloved readers and followers because this is, sadly, my very last column entry.

Ironically, I often give counsel to clients about the importance of letting go once life and relationships take an unforeseen turn — life is often like that in that it reflects and mirrors itself constantly. Nevertheless, regrettably in the face of sudden change, I would like to address you all and offer to you my heartfelt sentiments and encouragement.

For the past three years you have opened up the paper and have logged on to your computers and your smart phones to graciously let me into your homes, your offices and, ultimately, your hearts. Many of you have sat in my office or have approached me on the street or in the grocery store with tear-filled eyes to express to me your gratitude for my advice, and have shared with me your stories on how my column has impacted your lives. So I know how much you value me.

But what you do not know is how much I value you as well.

When I started out on this journey I had no idea that I would be received so well by my little island community and I was amazed by how people of all races, creeds, sexualities and socio-economic backgrounds were cheering me on from week to week.

I have come to appreciate you all for how you have impacted my personal and professional growth.

I have learnt from each and every one of you, just as you have learnt from me, and I have been silently cheering you on, just as you have been in my corner.

This is what relationships are all about — the energetic and tangible exchange that happens between people who are deeply engaged in the lives of one another, to mutual benefit.

As human beings, we are social creatures and no amount of money or materialistic acquisition can change that.

No bottom line will ever replace the value of having the ability to touch one another’s lives. I do not know where we will go from here, and I do not know what the future holds, but what I do know is that this too is a part of relationships — the unknown and the ever-evolving.

So, as I parallel our journey together — to the personal and intimate relationships that each and every one of us strives for — I would like to extend hope to you. Hope is one of the greatest gifts that you can ever give to someone, and I send it as a parting gift to you as a token of my appreciation.

I hope for all of you as much happiness as you can contain, as much success as you can acquire, and as much love as you can experience. As in relationships, opportunities come along at every turn and so I do not doubt that this is not the end of our time together.

Until I have been granted the further privilege of reaching out to you again, keep breathing, keep smiling, keep loving, and keep pushing through. Life is love and love is life. Stand tall and do not be afraid to step outside of the box.

Do not fear any more than you are willing to take chances, and do not dim the light in your hearts or the fire in your bedrooms for anyone, not even for yourselves.

Be the most authentic, the most beautiful you, and stay relentless in your desires.

Remember that you are, and have always been worth it. Remember that love exists because you are a living example of it, and that pleasure is to be had because you have been given the body to both give and receive it.

As I sit here muddling through the many thoughts that I wish to share with you, I realise that there are no words that can capture the emotions that I am feeling as I must say goodbye to you and to The Naked Truth. Maybe this is a time to heed my own advice in remaining certain that this is not a goodbye at all. So with that, I will say see you soon. I smile as I think of this as being a brief break-up. We are taking a break — and we will make amends soon because our relationship is far too important to let dwindle away.

We will meet again in another time, in another space, and we will share another moment together.

I am eternally thankful for being allowed our time together thus far, and know that I am but one phone call, one e-mail, and one follow away. I love you all.

This is the final instalment of Naked Truth, the advice column that Dr Nekia Walker has written for The Royal Gazette for the past three years. Persons seeking her expertise as a transpersonal counsellor or practitioner of Oriental medicines can reach her at www.drnekia.com or 703-3158