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The writing was on the wall when I met Suzi

Kawishiwi Falls Trail in Minnesota

Do we meet people at random? Is it pure chance or fate?

I often ask myself this question: why did I meet this particular person? Sometimes, it is the one who helped or even saved me, who said just the right thing or gave me the wise advice I needed.

Perhaps, they inspired and motivated me when I wanted to give up. Why did they appear at precisely the right time, when I was at a crossroads? I desperately need help, and suddenly, support appears in the words of a stranger.

I feel certain there are times we don’t meet someone by chance.

In a creative writing workshop two weeks ago, I met a petite woman in her late fifties with an engaging smile. We introduced ourselves and liked each other instantly.

I have learnt with age and experience, that I intuitively “feel” people and as we spoke we discovered we had much in common. Our conversation deepened as we drove together to a nearby scenic Kawishiwi Falls Trail in Minnesota to begin our class.

Suzi told me how she created an art centre from scratch in a small American city. She now works there as a creative director.

She decided to take a break and spend this month alone in her tranquil summer home deep in a pine forest and wanted to make a key decision for herself.

She has been writing a book for several years but can’t seem to finish it. The art centre demands all her time. She said that she was at a fork in the road; either leave her job to devote herself to the book full time or continue to direct the art centre?

I told her that I might have the answer. I remembered an inspirational podcast by Kamal Ravikan, entrepreneur, speaker and author.

He talked about many important aspects of creativity, but one strongly resonated with me. He said, “Whatever you create, if you put it out in the world, the magic will happen and the world will give you back much more than you ever expected.”

Ravikan published only ten copies of his book Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It but after giving them to his friends, the word spread. It is a now a bestselling book on Amazon.

I told Suzi: “When we create something: write a book, compose poetry, draw, take photographs, sculpt, paint, produce music … whatever it is, I strongly believe that it is important to share it with the world. “Exhibit, publish, post, or give it as a present. The fear of rejection may frighten us but if we put our hearts into it and fully express our true and deepest feelings, then it will certainly resonate with someone.

“If it moves or inspires even one person, then it was worth it to share it. What is the point if we keep our most precious work to ourselves?”

She listened and then said with conviction: “I know that we didn’t meet by chance. I realise now that I have to finish my book. It is devoted to the memory of my best friend. I raised her children myself and they need to hear her story. I am the only one that can tell it to them.”

I opened the car door to the roar of the waterfall. Suzi was lost in thought and I watched her glance down at her notebook. She opened it and began to write.

Nina London is a certified wellness and weight-management coach. Her mission is to support and inspire mature women to make positive changes in their body and mind. Share your inspirational stories with her at www.ninalondon.com