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Does America want a president or a king?

Message sent: a group of people hold up a sign that reads “Vote Them Out” as they protest in front of the White House the night before midterm election voting begins (Photograph by Andrew Harnik/AP)

The midterm elections today will be a referendum on whether Americans want a president or a king. No president until now has challenged the function of the republic as has Donald Trump. However, the self-proclaimed nationalist cannot do it alone; he needs better than 50 per cent of the electorate to be supportive of his idea of America.

The worrisome truth is not that the President is a loose cannon or possible misfit, it is the deep ocean of populous quiet that surrounds him that is concerning.

Is it that he is saying what’s in the hearts of tens or hundreds of millions of people, the vast majority of whom conceal their thoughts but express them only in private and at the polls?

America was built off some very universal principles and ideals. In fact, the ideals are bigger than any nation could ever be and are truly meant for an entire world.

All men are created equal and entitled to certain inalienable rights is not a national statement; it’s a global statement.

To move America towards a nationalist agenda is a breach in its core meaning and mission as a democracy and country. This idea was a bright light lifted up more than two centuries ago in a dark world of nationalism. The light was so bright and magnetic it ignited songs such as “They’re coming to America”.

America became great because of its idea of freedom, which is not to suggest that perfection had been achieved, but that it was an open focus and work in progress.

The call of America required that persons look beyond and become greater than themselves. The call towards nationalism says the opposite: it blames all others as outsiders, and as being detractors and the reason for failures.

It is a weak strategy when one achieves greatness by demeaning others.

That notion “I am better than you” has seen its face appear around the planet several times in different guises — always ending in devastation.

It is very difficult to predict what will be the result today, and that alone is a sad indictment because America at one time was predictable and fell within certain rational parameters.

There are seemingly no boundaries that America will not cross under this administration.

We shall all see whether a pathway to a true presidency is restored or whether there will be a monarchy.