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Poor leadership still impacting lives

The people must always have the right to say “no”: Donald Trump speaks during a news conference in the East Room of the White House, in Washington (Photograph by Evan Vucci/AP)

No one needs to be an expert on world history, to know when the quality of leadership becomes so disturbing, questions are raised over whether common values of decency, truth and justice, are no longer relevant, in a world ravaged by political and economic gain, at any cost.

Many of our seniors, have witnessed in recent history, the fall of powerful nations through devious and evil-based leadership.

After two bloody world wars, and numerous military conflicts that claimed millions of lives, including a number of Bermudians, people in various regions still suffer and die under dictatorial regimes, with corrupt leaders committed to staying in power, even at the expense of innocent lives.

Who could have imagined after all that dreadful carnage, in the year 2018, the issue of poor leadership continues to affect lives around the world.

Even the most powerful nation on earth, the United States, has become embroiled in a political struggle over its current leadership, which has fanned the flames of divisiveness that threaten the moral foundation of democracy in that country.

This is very much a testing time for all who cherish freedom, dignity, and justice.

This November 11 the world observes the end of the First World War, 100 years ago.

Reflecting on the millions who perished in explosions, poison gas, and even starvation, it would seem war itself is the real enemy.

There will be memorial ceremonies across the globe to remember the fallen.

Even as bands play, and veterans march, there are little children being buried after dying from starvation, as much of the world rumbles on with economic objectives set by some leaders so obsessed with their wealth and personal status that nothing else really matters.

Throughout history, most of the horrors of military conflict have been a direct result of leaders who choose fear and dominance to crush any resistance to their dictatorial control, and who create an environment in which to express disapproval is viewed as a crime.

Such madness is a recipe for disaster in any country.

Where such conditions exist, democracy as we know it is extinguished, and the stage is set for human suffering with little hope of change. Perhaps this is why much of the free world has been deeply concerned about events in an America, whose liberty and freedom have always been hailed as a banner for the best of democracy.

With that in mind, much of the free world breathed a sigh of relief, with the outcome of this week’s midterm elections when the people, through the ballot box, sent a clear message to Donald Trump, that his administration was running contrary to everything America stood for.

It was a night of reality television, that Trump perhaps thought he would never see. At last his constant bashing of the free press as enemy of the people, and his insults to people who disagreed with him, had finally touched a nerve with people who reject such behaviour from the leader of the most powerful nation on earth.

This victory by the Democrats in taking control of the House of Representatives is not the end of a political nightmare that America has endured since Trump took office.

However, it does open the door to a new day of ensuring that leaders, no matter who they think they are, will be held accountable for their actions while in office to serve the people.

While the Republicans remain in control of the Senate, loss of the House puts the Democrats in a better position to tell the President, if he is not careful, it could be him who will be fired. That is now reality.

Election results in any democratic country usually leave many in a jubilant mood, and others deeply disappointed.

This wake-up call for the White House, from the electorate, hopefully will set the wheels in motion to recapture the values the nation was founded on. This is not a time for gloating or condemnation, but a time to celebrate democracy itself.

The people must always have the right to say “no” to any leader they feel has deviated from serving the people with dignity, fairness and respect.

The road ahead will be challenging without a doubt, but the midterm election result is clear, America wants something better.