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The ultimate mayoral manifesto

Election time: Hamilton City Hall (File photograph)

OK, I am not running for the mayoral election of Hamilton on May 13, but if I were, here are a few things I would promise as a candidate:

1, Every resident at the age of majority, landlord and business owner will have a right to a vote. Which means, too, they have the right to stand once nominated for any position

2, The common councillors will remain as a function for oversight

3, Each street will have a committee, with one person to serve as spokesman for the street voted in by the members of the street

4, Street spokesmen from every street will be allowed to sit in general meetings

5, The Mayor of Hamilton and councillors will vote on issues, and the issues will pass unless a significant percentage of the street spokesmen object or seek an amendment; ie, the common voter has a degree of veto

6, Create two city chiefs to respond to the needs of separate areas of the city, they being North Hamilton and Front Street, beginning from Victoria Street North and South

7, Consider salaried mayors to avoid the syndrome of only those who can afford to be unpaid directors doing the job (The administration may cost a little more, but the increased public participation will supersede any additional cost)

8, Open to tender the entirety of North Hamilton to a major developer as an exclusive co-operative inclusive of Pembroke Marsh; relax the existing zoning to allow taller buildings and underground parking (This would become a self-fulfilling exercise that would increase the Bermuda population dramatically)

9, The development will be done in phases to allow an influx of thousands of workers to live within the city during a major reconstruction, which may take 20 to 30 years

10, Open to tender the waterfront after fairness is dealt with the previous developer and ancillary

Let’s turn Hamilton into what it really and truly can be.

The true way to destroy an oligarchy and its legacy is by building a democracy.

Therefore, if I were running for mayor — and I am not — this would be my ticket.

I would only hope there is at least one candidate who is serious enough about reform and would say the following on every doorstep: “I am going to make this city what it ought to be, a city for which we all have a sense of ownership and pride, and each of us is going to help make it happen. As a new mayor and team, this is our commitment.”