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Take a shot: you can only miss so many times

Wolves Sports Club will be hosting their annual end-of-season prize-giving ceremony at Elliot Primary School tomorrow starting at 6.30pm. For those who are not familiar with Wolves, it is the sports club for eastern Devonshire. Generations of footballers have ventured from neighbourhoods such as Hermitage Road, Loyal Hill, Green Acres, Jubilee Road and Watlington Road to don the coveted black-and-gold jersey.

Before one could even dream of wearing those jerseys, they had to be put through the rudiments and rigours of legendary coaching brothers Charles and Johnnie Boyles. In later years, former Bermuda defender Dennis Brown took the helm.

Two of the Boyles brothers’ most impactful mottos were: “We can’t all talk at the same time, but we can all sing together” and “Take a shot. You can only miss so many times”.

We did not fully digest those as life lessons at the time, but they have become fundamental to our lives as adults.

Wolves have always prided themselves on having junior and senior programmes. As with all other clubs, the numbers of persons coming out to participate has had its ebbs and flows. Nevertheless, there has never been a season without a team being available.

Elliot, on Hermitage Road, has served as the home base for this club for more than 50 years. So these two entities have been nothing short of Siamese twins for decades.

Basically, Wolves is not just a sports club; nor is Elliot just another school. Both are extensions of our eastern Devonshire communities and personify who we are as a people.

The president, Michael Showers, has surprisingly asked me to be the guest speaker at the prize-giving ceremony tomorrow.

The theme of my speech will be “Are we lone wolves or are we are a wolf pack?”

The emphasis will be on explaining to players the importance of community involvement and ensuring the legacy of Wolves Sports Club continues to go far beyond football alone.

As a community, as a wolf pack, we will be doing a bit of early summer landscaping.

We will be clearing the overgrowth along several well-used secondary roads such as Devon Spring Road, Devon Spring Lane, Green Acres Estate and Hermitage Road.

Our meeting spot will be at Elliot at 9am after which will be head out. The work should take approximately four hours.

If you are driving along these roads between 9am and 1pm, we ask you to please exercise caution.

As always, volunteers are always welcomed. Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp at 599-0901 or by e-mail at carib_pro@yahoo.com.

Christopher Famous is a government backbencher and the MP for Devonshire East (Constituency 11). You can reach him at WhatsApp on 599-0901 or e-mail at cfamous@plp.bm