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Getting through tough times

Bermuda Day has already fallen by the wayside and Cup Match is the next big event under threat because of the Covid-19 pandemic (File photograph by Akil Simmons)

When difficult times occur that disrupt normal day-to-day activity for each person, the challenge could be a tremendous burden because we react in different ways to issues that impact the very core of our personalities.Because of different backgrounds that play a key role in forming a mindset to confront various obstacles along the journey of life, it is never easy coping with a crisis on a scale such as the coronavirus where so many around the world exist in fear of the unknown.When much of the business world has been almost dismantled by an invisible enemy, plunging millions around the world into a state of feeling helpless. It seems as life itself is no match for such a deadly virus that even medical experts find themselves searching for weapons to bring this menace under control. As that battle continues, another struggle is taking place as people across the globe, including Bermuda, are caught in a situation that demands adjustments in our normal way of life.So much we all perhaps have taken for granted has been altered socially, and in the business community, that beneath the surface many of us wonder in our deepest private thoughts whether things will ever be the same again. The generation today could be in a state of shock over cancellations of major events such as Bermuda Day festivities and other summer functions in a move to prevent the spread of a disease that without proper steps could affect us all significantly. Even our annual Cup Match could fall victim to a situation where saving lives becomes a priority.So the real problem in trying to play our part in coping during this difficult time will be how we treat one another, and this will not be easy in situations where some families have struggles behind closed doors in being respectful and positive even in the best of times. We should never lose sight that the family should always be the centre for learning basic good values for life.If we are going to be honest with ourselves, we will have to admit that there are children in our Bermuda society who are experiencing situations behind closed doors that plant seeds of mistrust and disdain about life, with a feeling that no one really cares. Under those circumstances, when things get even worse, a young mind can be led in the wrong direction and create additional problems for all.The other side to this is that the present situation is certainly not easy for the adult population, who are suddenly thrust into a new situation where insecurity over job losses can lead to frustration and depression that can result in behaviour that makes a bad situation even worse. This is very testing time for our government and all who serve in the medical profession trying to keep Bermuda safe. This is a challenge for every citizen of our beautiful island.This is a time for deep thought, and as much as many people resent the lockdown, which curtails their normal activity, they must understand that unless we all are willing to display consideration during this difficult period, getting through it will even more of a challenge. I hasten to mention here that, while writing this, a neighbour contacted me with social-distancing to see if I needed anything. I assured him everything was fine under the circumstances and, after a brief chat, I wished him and his family well. That is the spirit we need more of these days. The best we can do is to encourage each other to remain steady with faith, that having a positive attitude will not only produce a more peaceful mind, but will also help someone else during a time of great uncertainty.Even the most encouraging words can often fall on deaf ears, but that is no reason why all of Bermuda should not put their best effort into being part of our team to win this battle. We often hear and see the phrase “we are in this together” — that part is very true, but getting out of it will require us to actually work closely together in a caring and positive spirit. Let’s not kid ourselves, there is much work to be done. But if we work as a team, victory will be ours.