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Conspiracy theorists, lay down

Horace Rollins becomes the first person to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Conspiracy theorists and vaccine sceptics need to visualise the harm they may be doing to others, says Khalid Wasi.

Initially, when I heard of the Covid-19 virus, my thoughts went instantly to bacteria or germ warfare, and that this virus was some kind of payback. There was an abundance of plausible deniability, which, even if it were true, would be very hard to prove — again which would be an important part in any high-game war. You would want to get your blows in and say, “it wasn't me”.

As time moved on, it got wilder, with all kinds of apocalyptic theories, with Bill Gates emerging in some minds as the Antichrist, as leading the Illuminati effort whose goal is to eliminate two thirds of the world's population and control the rest with nanochips inserted in their bodies. The vaccine, for some, became proof of a global conspiracy where, through force and coercion, the population is made to take the vaccine out of fear.

YouTube and social media became the bible revealing the truth about a fake pandemic with a deadly vaccine cure. All sorts of gurus troll the media and airwaves, preaching to the masses to counter what they deem as propaganda spewing from the mouths of governments and world health authorities.

Invariably, when squeezed and asked, well, “what do we do to prevent contracting or succumbing to the virus?”, we get the answer: "It's not a virus and all you need to do is strengthen your immune system, live and live naturally.“

Basically do nothing just live healthier. They may add "diabetes is curable what government needs to do is teach people how to return to nature".

I don't ever want to play down the efficacy of living natural and developing control, but that's precisely why we have medicine. The vast majority of people lack personal control or even awareness about nutrition and the effects of various foods on the body. People try to eat and change their lifestyle and still lose their limbs from diabetes.

Meantime, on "real street", people in Bermuda and all over the world are dying. This is no orchestration, the numbers don't lie, the rise in deaths, the cluttered ICU units in hospitals almost universally are not a show to cause fear. Go to the families affected: they will tell you it's no orchestration, and hospital staff can tell the same story.

Most countries, because of what they see and are experiencing, are racing to get their populations to inoculate through vaccines. Bermuda is high in the order by having a significant percentage already having had two shots. Oh, but then the sceptics say, they heard the vaccine lasts only four months.

Tests are not conclusive on that point; it has been only about four to five months since the vaccine came out and some research says those early vaccinations are still creating antibodies.

OK, let's take the worst-case scenario: it lasts only four months and then you need a booster shot. Does one know how many lives can be spared death or agony in four months?

Everyone is entitled to free speech; I just hope or wish those who are advising against the vaccine can visualise the possible harm they contribute to society. I am no scientist, but what I have observed in the numbers factor indicates the good of taking the vaccine has outweighed the harm. It also informs me that those who are against have no real plan.

We are in the middle of something bigger and far worse than world wars, and they want to now retrain troops on how to change their lifestyle and prepare for battle when the enemy is already stumping on their roof and banging at their doors.

Lifestyle arguments to be effective now needed to have begun decades ago.