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Simmons: I will be dedicated MP for all of Smith’s North

Lindsay Simmons, the PLP candidate for the Smith’s North by-election on May 22 (File Photograph)

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has taken the time to reach out and offer their support and encouragement since I was announced as the Progressive Labour Party candidate for Constituency 10 — Smith’s North.

Over the past six months, we have been out canvassing on the doorsteps of Constituency 10. We didn’t know that a by-election would be called, but we knew that the residents of Constituency 10 needed a PLP representative. During this time, we have listened to your concerns and, wherever I could, assisted with your challenges. I am still out and about knocking on doors to get to know you and your concerns and to give you the chance to look me in the eyes and get to know me as well.

I’ve heard your concerns — and in some cases, I’ve seen them for myself. I will be a dedicated MP for all of Smith’s North. When I reflect on the conversations that we’ve had, we recognise that the constituents of Constituency 10 want to be represented by an individual who listens, cares, speaks authentically and acts with integrity. With your support and your help, I can be that representative.

Offering myself as the candidate for Constituency 10 is just the latest step on this journey that began at my parents’ dining room table so many years ago. Our father taught his girls that our country would become better only if we were willing to give of ourselves. We were taught to lend a helping hand to a neighbour if they needed it and the importance of volunteering, as we spent weekends with my parents at Bermuda Cancer and Health.

My parents not only created a safe space for us, but a haven for anybody who needed a good home-cooked meal, a listening ear or just somewhere to get away. The ethos of service was woven into the very fabric of our family.

Over the years, I’ve shared my story of overcoming domestic violence to raise awareness about the prevalence and impact that it has in our community and in the hope that others will be empowered to seek help and healing. I have also shared how my experiences led me to become the youngest foster parent in Bermuda’s history, and why I continue to serve as president of the Foster Parents Association.

Those of you who know me personally know that I understand fully what it’s like to be a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, a business owner, an employee, a woman and a community servant. All of these roles are extremely important, and while stressful at times, are also equally rewarding. The experience gained in all these roles has only helped to deepen my compassion for others and has provided an understanding of what so many families are facing.

As your candidate for Constituency 10, I stand before you as a servant of the people — an advocate for the common good and a tireless champion of our shared aspirations. Understanding that your concerns, hopes and dreams are not confined to any single political platform but are rooted in our shared humanity and love for fellow Bermudians. By choosing to vote for me as the representative for Constituency 10, you will gain an MP who will continue to roll up her sleeves and work.

To each of you that we will visit in the days and weeks ahead, we look forward to meeting you, connecting with you and building your trust. To those I’ve met already, I am always open to continue the conversation, hear your concerns, and feedback as well as hearing your ideas about strengthening our community. In the past few months, we have made new friends, solved a few problems and established ties that I will cherish for ever.

I would like to thank my Progressive Labour Party family for all the support, mentoring and encouragement that each of you has given over the years. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give back to my country.

Finally, I need to thank my family. I would not be the woman I am without the love, support and dedication of each of you.

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