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If elected, you will be my boss

Lindsay Simmons is the Progressive Labour Party candidate for the Smith’s North (Constituency 10) by-election on May 22

As nomination day gets closer, I continue to knock on doors, getting to know each of you better, and I hope you are getting to know me better as well. If elected as your MP, I want Constituency 10, Smith’s North, to not only know how I intend to serve you but also how I intend to be held accountable.

First, if I am successful on May 22, you will be my boss. That means that I will push and promote the will of C10 Smith's North within my party, the Government and within the larger community.

Second, where the Government is unable to address issues on the constituency level, or where a permanent solution may take some time, I will work with you to find community-based solutions while continuing to put pressure on those responsible to take action.

Third, our team will continue to canvass, hold regular constituency clinics and other events to keep you informed, to answer your questions and to allow you a number of options to let your voices be heard.

We will continue to be reachable and as accessible as possible, with each of you having access via phone, WhatsApp, e-mail and social media. While I may not be always able to answer right away, I will always strive to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Finally, I will continue to speak out on area and national concerns on behalf of my constituents.

I remain hopeful that you will give me the opportunity to serve as your representative, as these are the ideals I keep at heart. Our team will continue to canvass, continue to address issues and continue getting to know you and, hopefully, earning your trust.

To those I haven’t seen yet, we are working hard to see all of you. To those I have met already, thank you for welcoming us into your homes, for sharing your thoughts and for giving your encouragement. It is greatly appreciated.

Lindsay Simmons is the Progressive Labour Party candidate for the Smith’s North (Constituency 10) by-election on May 22. She is also a government senator, and the Junior Minister of Social Development and Seniors and Home Affairs

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