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An experience with C10 that is deeply treasured

Good day, Bermuda!

To me, the best part about being a candidate for Parliament is getting out on the doorstep and connecting with the people I want to serve.

Canvassing can be a humbling experience. Not everyone is willing to give you a chance. Not everyone wants to talk to you or wants your help.

Yet, there are also people who will embrace you, share their successes and share their struggles. There are people who want to get to know you, learn who you are — and who “your people are” — and what you believe in.

They tell us about the things we can do to make their lives better: from having a street mirror installed to make pulling out of their road safer, to dealing with the high cost of healthcare. And some just want someone to talk to, to feel seen and heard.

These conversations move people from merely names on a list, and votes you hope to earn, to friends, mentors and even a level of closeness that makes you feel like family.

These experiences and the stories and challenges you have shared keep me grounded and are a constant reminder that public service is not about what you can do for me, but what I can do for you and our community.

In an ever-changing world where you can connect over Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, there is still nothing better than sharing a laugh, a cry or making a connection face-to-face.

It is my hope that on May 22, I will earn your support and have the opportunity to be your voice in Parliament. Yet, regardless of the outcome, meeting you, getting to know you, and connecting with you in your homes is an experience that I treasure deeply. You have earned my commitment, and I will continue to visit you, talk to you, and speak out for you.

Thank you for the opportunity.


Lindsay Simmons is the Progressive Labour Party candidate for the Smith’s North (Constituency 10) by-election on May 22

Lindsay Simmons is the Progressive Labour Party candidate for the Smith’s North (Constituency 10) by-election on May 22. She is also a government senator, and the Junior Minister of Social Development and Seniors and Home Affairs

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