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A good leader knows when to admit defeat

BIU President Chris Furbert (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Dear Sir,

You know what amazes me? To watch Chris Furbert, a purported leader of the people, publicly condemn the very people he claims to lead.

For him to get up in front of his members and condemn the people because they did not come out and support his position on the airport redevelopment project clearly demonstrates his lack of leadership. He should not be in that position.

A good leader knows when to stand up and fight, and a really good leader knows when to admit defeat. He refuses to accept that the majority of the populace is in support of the airport redevelopment. Therefore, he needs to accept that and move on.

I, for one, am glad that the people in the majority won out the day and have sent a clear message to the likes of Furbert that just because you have a position of authority does not mean that you are right every time you speak.

We are facing a General Election within the year and if the general populace is so dissatisfied with the way they have been governed for the past four to five years, they will have the opportunity to express so at the ballot box.

I just wish that those leading the Opposition would understand that, whereas they have an obligation to hold the Government in check, ultimately the decision to dismiss them lies with the voters at a General Election, not in trying to undermine their authority by disobeying the law. Thank you.


St George’s