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BII seminar to focus on getting more out of less

Producing more with less resources during these tough economic crisis will be the focus for a seminar held at the Bermuda Insurance Institute (BII) next week.

The seminar, which is entitled 'Making Time Productive', will be run by Paul Loftus of Paul Loftus & Associates Inc. on Wednesday June 17, followed by two half-day seminars on 'Leadership' and 'Emotional Intelligence' the next day in the morning and afternoon respectively.

Mr. Loftus will also be launching a book called 'Time Well Spent: Getting things done through effective time management' in the UK in July, which will be published by Kogan Page.

The 'Making Time Productive' one-day workshop will look at time as a non-renewable resource will show delegates how to squeeze more out of every working hour, how to rid yourself of costly distractions and timewasters, and how to make sure that your time is really your own.

"Now more than ever, in tough economic times, many people are expected to do more with less, with less money in the budget and less people around, so you are effectively doing more with less people," said Mr. Loftus.

"Time management is a big factor - research which I have done over the years has shown to be consistent among hundreds of people, with two hours of an average middle to senior manager's time wasted per day, so you need to look at how you can use your time more effectively."

Mr. Loftus said he will be asking attendees to complete a time log for three days before they start the seminar to help them work out where their time is going and how to use it better.

The 'Leadership' talk will examine how effective leadership is one of the biggest challenges numerous organisations now face, teaching participants how to get an idea of their organisation's overall leadership style and discussing the theory of situational leadership. Delegates will also complete the Leader Behaviour Analysis II, where they will learn their own style of leadership and when to use the appropriate style.

The third and final presentation on 'Emotional Intelligence' will determine the concept of emotional intelligence (EQ), calculating attendees' current EQ levels and how to improve your EQ.

For more information, contact the BII on 295-1596, fax 295-3532 or visit the website at www.bii.bm