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Earnings and unemployment higher in survey

Economic indicator: The latest government employment survey shows Bermuda’s unemployment rate is 9 per cent

There are fewer filled jobs and those who are employed are doing a reduced number of working hours per week than at any time in the past four years, figures show.

The employment survey report released by the Department of Statistics calculates the Island’s unemployment rate at 9 per cent, a rise of 2 per cent on 2013. Last year’s rate was based on data from the labour force survey, while the 2013 number was calculated from information gathered by the household expenditure survey.

Much of the information in the report was made public in last month’s job market employment brief, including the headline figure of 33,475 jobs filled, down 800 on the previous year and 6,708 lower than the 2008 peak. The total number of jobs filled by Bermudians was down almost 700 year-on-year, at 23,833.

The average working week shrank from 36 hours in 2013 to 33.3 hours last year. However, wages have risen. The median annual earnings before deductions is now $63,897, a rise of more than $3,000 year-on-year. The median earnings figure for Bermudians is $59,357, which is up roughly $2,000 on the previous year.

The report was compiled from data collected last August, which showed that the occupation with the most advertised vacancies was limousine and motor bus driver, with 34. Vacancies for professional accountants and executive secretaries numbered 24 and 21 respectively.

In terms of rankings, for men the leading occupation last year was chef de partie/cook, with 508 jobs, followed by managers, on 440, and heavy-truck drivers on 391. For women the leading occupation was executive secretary/personal assistant, with 684 jobs, followed by senior clerk, on 493, and cashier on 487.

For Bermudian men, the leading occupation was heavy-truck driver, with 371 jobs, followed by security officer, on 309, and managers on 252. For Bermudian women the leading occupation was executive secretary/personal assistant, with 595 jobs, followed by cashier, on 473, and senior clerk on 468.

The largest percentage of summer students found employment in the retail trade and repair sector last year, landing 115 jobs, followed by hotels and public administration, both providing 68 jobs for students.