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Focus on results

Active. There are several ways in which we can use this word. We can be inactive, reactive, proactive, and as you are reading this you are likely thinking of others. How we work and what we achieve is directly related to how we apply our definition using this set of words.

My suggestion is that we not only be active but that we plan what we wish to accomplish by being proactive and focused on results. Rather than being reactive to our circumstances and always being on the defensive use a trick I recommend and move the “c” in reactive to the front and you have a better approach to your solution — creative! Applying these techniques makes you more effective, more focused, and significantly happier with the results you achieve. Looking forward with the end in mind gets results!

“One’s own independent judgment is the means by which one must choose one’s actions, but it is not a moral criterion nor a moral validation; only reference to a demonstrable principle can validate one’s choices.” - Ayn Rand