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Bank says chip and pin cards are coming

Hi-tech option: bank cards that feature a microchip for added security are being planned by HSBC Bermuda. Such cards have already been issued by Butterfield Bank and Clarien Bank

New-style microchipped cards to provide better security are on the way for HSBC Bermuda customers.

However, a date when the cards will be introduced has yet to be confirmed.

The cards, commonly referred to as “chip and pin”, feature an embedded and encrypted microchip for data storage that improves protection from fraud and counterfeiting.

The cards are in widespread use in many countries, and in Bermuda were introduced by Butterfield Bank and Clarien Bank last year.

A spokeswoman for HSBC Bermuda said: “We are planning to introduce chip and pin cards to our HSBC customers, but at this time the launch dates are still to be confirmed.”