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Digicel Bermuda adds iPhones to its range

Popular choice: Kaya Smith, sales associate, holds an iPhone. It is part of a range of Apple IOS devices now stocked by Digicel Bermuda (Photograph supplied)

Digicel Bermuda has boosted its range of smartphones by adding iPhones to its selection.

The move “completes the set” for the company, which already sold Android devices, Blackberries and its own DL range of smartphones.

Adding iPhones to its range has been on the cards for Digicel Bermuda for some time.

Previously, CellOne was the only wireless carrier authorised to resell Apple devices in Bermuda, but that changed a few weeks ago after Digicel was given the green light from Apple to stock and sell iPhones.

“We always seek to listen to our customers and deliver what they want,” said Julian Burton, commercial director.

“Clearly they have been keen on iPhones for some while, because we are a large entity across multiple different markets, the process of approvals with Apple to make sure that all of the different places that Digicel would carry its devices were up to speed just took that bit longer.”

Surveys carried out on behalf of the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda, the island’s telecommunications watchdog, have shown a growing shift in customer preference for Android and Apple IOS devices.

“It’s great to now have iPhones,” said Mr Burton, who added that the company had worked hard to make sure that when the devices were made available they “landed it with a bit of a bang”, with plans specifically built to help customers get the most out of their iPhones.

He explained: “Beyond our permanent price promise to guarantee that customers will never pay more for a phone with us, we also put on a layer of network value which, firstly, means customers pay nothing for iMessaging, which is the custom Apple SMS equivalent and has video and pictures as well as text.”

The company is also providing 1GB of data per month free specifically for use with Apple Music, so that customers who subscribe to Apple Music can enjoy music streaming and downloads.

Mr Burton said adding Apple devices to the company’s range of offerings was very important.

“Bermuda is a very sophisticated market, both on the corporate side and the consumer,” he said.

“And like any developed market, Android devices and IOS Apple devices are the ones that are of primary interest. We do also have a lot of traction with our entry level DL range, our Digicel range of smartphones.

“But ultimately, for a large chunk of our customers it is about having Android, particularly Samsung, and Apple devices. So to complete the set, as it were, was a good thing for us to do.”

Digicel Bermuda has its flagship store on the corner of Church Street and Queen Street. Mr Burton said that since launching its range of iPhones, customers had shown appreciation for the increased choice of devices.

“So far, so good,” he added.