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How to negotiate a pay deal

Work topic: a session on salary negotiation is to be held by the Women’s Legal Network. It will feature a presentation by Sylvia Jones, of Elevate Executive Selection

The Women’s Legal Network is to host an information session on the art of salary negotiation.

The presentation is being given by Sylvia Jones of Elevate Executive Selection, an executive search and recruitment company.

Ms Jones will offer advice on the topic, such as how to prepare for salary negotiations.

The information session will “offer a number of guidelines on how to have these tough conversations at work, how to answer questions on salary expectations, tackling increased pay for additional responsibilities, and getting the balance right between your bottom line and your true worth when agreeing to a rate or renewing your contract”.

The WLN session is being staged at the Bermuda Bar Office in Hamilton.

WLN was formed last year by Lovette Tannock and Kimberley Caines as a forum for networking opportunities for lawyers and legal practitioners in Bermuda.

The salary negotiation session will be held on September 19.