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Realtor fields spate of American inquiries

US inquiries: Penny MacIntye

The shock election of Donald Trump as US President could be a boost for Bermuda’s real estate sector.

One island real estate firm alone fielded a total of eight inquiries from US citizens yesterday in the wake of the polarising election of Trump to America’s highest office.

Penny MacIntyre, partner in Rego Sotheby’s International Realty, said some people contacted the company’s office even before it opened yesterday.

She added: “There is initial shock or concern — these people seem to be supporting Hillary Clinton and they are examining their options on being resident or based elsewhere.”

Ms MacIntyre said enquiries had come from a US citizen working in Bermuda, an American on holiday here, as well as from the US through the firm’s website.

She added: “People have asked what it potentially takes to become resident and that they are also looking at other jurisdictions.”

And Ms MacIntyre said: “There are a variety of properties internationally available — condominiums to certainly the larger luxury homes and we have people who are thinking about what to do.

“These are people who are retiring or getting ready to retire and determining what to do.”

Ms MacIntyre added: “It’s interesting the commentary we have heard across the board and it’s interesting to see people reaching out and looking at their options.”

And she said: “We have beautiful weather conditions and the America’s Cup is coming — it’s not uncommon for people to take advantage of being on island.”

She added that the controversial vote by Britain to leave the European Union had sparked similar inquiries from people with connections to or who were familiar with Bermuda.

Ms MacIntyre stressed that any inquiries were still at an exploratory stage.

She said: “No one is saying ‘drive me around the island and let me see what I can buy’ — but there is interest out there.”

Ms MacIntyre was speaking after maverick Republican candidate Trump scored a shock victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton on Tuesday.