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Island firms display green credentials

Before and after: Central Filing Ltd renders old hard drives unusable

Island companies yesterday displayed their green credentials in advance of Earth Day tomorrow.

Secure document destruction firm Guardian said it had sent more than 3.2 million pounds of paper for recycling since it opened up shop in 2005.

The firm said that, working with a recycling partner to turn old documents into toilet paper, tissue paper, napkins and paper towels, it had saved around 25,000 trees.

A spokeswoman for the firm said: “Guardian is proud to be playing such a leading role in working with our customers to help save the environment.

“Guardian partners with customers by placing secure document consoles at their place of business.

“The consoles are emptied, the contents sorted into recyclable and non-recyclable material and the recycling process is completed overseas.”

In addition, the firm carries out industry-approved shredding for computer hard drives and other material and takes old electronic equipment and computers and associated equipment to Government’s recycling centre for processing and recycling overseas.

Data and document destruction firm Central Filing Ltd said it also had industry-approved shredder, capable of destroying hard drives, computer tapes and cellphones.

Central Filing, owned by former Commissioner of Police Jonathan Smith and other investors, also has a mechanical punch used for larger items and can destroy laptops MacBooks and iPads to make them completely unusable.

Mr Smith said: “This totally eliminates the risk of proprietary information getting into unauthorised hands.”

And he added that major global businesses in Bermuda demanded the highest standards for secure destruction and environmentally-safe handling of old equipment.

Mr Smith said: “The company’s work does not end there. Committed to disposing of electronic waste in an environmentally approved manner, Central Filing will collect and sort unwanted computers, cables, keyboards and peripherals.

“Selected items are shipped overseas and recycled. Laptop and cell phone batteries are removed and disposed of in accordance with Government’s approved waste management protocols.”