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Stages of development

Stages of development: careful preparation is crucial to success

Back stage. For many months I have been involved, with many others, in a major redevelopment of the backstage operations in a technology company. This has taken many months of planning, research, and the use of experts to assist in us in making the best decisions possible.

Redeveloping your back stage is just the first step in moving towards a more modern and technologically based enterprise. The installation of new tools then has to be twinned with an improvement in process and people to provide the best services to your clients.

It is this “front stage” that drives your revenues and leads to profits. This is the real work and requires even more planning and care in implementation. Your success is related to the planning, the products, and the people!

So ensure you define your goals and develop your plans accordingly.

Keep in mind — “haste makes waste”.

“Experience is not what happens to a man or woman; it is what a man or woman does with what happens to them.” - Aldous Huxley