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Some One customers getting free speed boost

Speed upgrade: Frank Amaral, CEO of One Communications

One Communications today announced that more than 1,000 of its customers have received a free automatic internet speed boost from the upgrading of the telecoms firm’s network.

Work on the FibreWire network is ongoing and expected to be completed island-wide by the end of September, Frank Amaral, One’s chief executive officer, said.

The customers benefiting are those connected with both the company’s access and internet services in the areas where FibreWire has already been installed.

“With the recent tariff approval from the regulator [the Regulatory Authority], we are pleased to offer our new FibreWire Internet service to Bermuda,” Mr Amaral said.

“Customers already attached to the new network are receiving an automatic speed boost without any increase in pricing. For example, customers with a 25 Mbps connection will now have access to 200 Mbps, a tremendous upgrade in value without any additional cost. Better yet, there’s no signing up or opting in process, it’s that simple.

“Our field teams have made significant progress with the roll-out in preparation for this announcement, with the first phase of deployment benefiting the central parishes. Only a few months remain till the project’s completion island-wide.”

A spokesperson for the company added that a customer with an 8 Mbps service would be upgraded to 20 Mbps, when FibreWire reached their area.

But One warned that while work continues on the new high-speed fibre-optic network, some customers may experience disruptions.

One said customers would be warned of “minor disruptions” by phone or e-mail, to then be followed by a notice advising of the free internet speed boost.

Brian Lonergan, One’s marketing director, said: “Notifying customers directly is the best way for us to give the most up to date information affecting specific areas. We encourage customers to keep their contact information with us up to date, including alternate phone numbers and e-mail addresses.”