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Wakefield Quin awards scholarships

Scholarships awarded: Richard Horseman, left, director at Wakefield Quin; Cristen Suess, associate; Ojeda Smith, scholarship recipient; Aqueelah Simmons, scholarship recipient; Erik Gotfredsen, senior counsel and WQ scholarship committee chairperson (Photograph supplied)

Wakefield Quin has awarded its 2018 Legal Scholarships to Ojeda Smith and Aqueelah Simmons.

Ms Smith, a summer intern, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in criminology from Nottingham Trent University in England in July.

She said: “I realised towards the end of the second year of my criminology degree that I had a strong desire to help people. Naturally, I have gravitated to a career in law.”

She will start her legal studies next month, and will commence the Legal Practice Course next year.

“I am extremely grateful to Wakefield Quin for mentoring and guidance I have received this summer. I have already seen that a legal career brings new challenges every day,” she said.

“My experience with the firm has been invaluable and I would like to thank the directors for awarding me this scholarship.”

Richard Horseman, a director at the firm, said: “We have been delighted to have Ojeda work with us this summer. She has demonstrated, from the outset, all of the skills and characteristics necessary to excel as a lawyer and we look forward to seeing great things from her in the near future.”

The second scholarship recipient, Ms Simmons, also attended Nottingham Trent University, and graduated last year with her LLB (Hons). She will commence the Legal Practice Course at Nottingham Trent University next month.

Upon its successful completion, Ms Simmons will graduate with a postgraduate diploma in legal practice together with a master’s degree in legal practice.

She said: “I have always dreamt of a career in law. This has been a long, but extremely rewarding journey. I am so thankful to my parents who have, through their unwavering support, assisted me in every way to achieve my goals.”

WQ scholarship awards are to help cover the cost of tuition, fees, books, and room and board for the upcoming study year. The annual application deadline is June 30.

Erik Gotfredsen, chairman of the WQ scholarship committee, said: “WQ is proud to continue providing assistance and support to aspiring Bermudian law students and graduates who are in pursuit of admission to the Bermuda Bar.

“We congratulate both Ojeda and Aqueelah on their well-deserved achievements and we are confident that upon their return, they will quickly become strong assets to the legal profession and the Bermuda Bar.”