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Canned-cocktails maker inspired by Bermuda

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Inspired by Bermuda: Kevin Albrecht, founder of Deep Bay Spirits (Photograph supplied)

The founder of a canned-cocktails company in Nashville, Tennessee says the business was inspired by Bermuda.

Kevin Albrecht, founder of Deep Bay Spirits, is originally from Toronto, Canada but spent six years on the island working for global spirits giant Bacardi Ltd.

“The entire brand and concept is inspired by our time spent in Bermuda,” Mr Albrecht said.

“While there, we would raft up with friends in Deep Bay and our drink of choice was vodka soda, so we would bring Grey Goose and club soda plus cups, straws, ice, limes and then would have to continually make ourselves fresh drinks.

“There had to be a better way to drink a proper cocktail while on the go and now there is.

“With respect to Bacardi, they taught me a number of lessons or principals that I’ve used mainly during product development.

“One of those principals is that a successful product all starts with a quality liquid. I know it sounds like common sense, but many people will try to earn higher margins by using inferior ingredients, not a practice of Deep Bay or Bacardi,” he added.

Mr Albrecht moved his family from Bermuda to the US for a job opportunity for his wife. “When we arrived we noticed that nobody was making high quality canned cocktails. They existed, but they were all beer- or malt-based and owned by large beer companies,” Mr Albrecht said.

“Luckily in the US I was able to start my own business and act on creating high-quality canned cocktails that I longed for when living in Bermuda,” he said.

Deep Bay Spirits’ canned drinks come in two different flavours, citrus mint and lime.

“We are very fortunate in that people honestly love both of our drinks,” Mr Albrecht said. “When we hold tastings, we tend to sell a touch more of the gin/citrus/mint, but in general we sell a bit more of the vodka/lime.”

All of the drinks are free from carbohydrates, gluten and sugar. “Our products are as clean as it gets in terms of carbs and calories,” Mr Albrecht said.

The company’s website states that a rule of thumb is that there are 20 calories for every per centare point of alcohol by volume in a 12oz can. Therefore there are approximately 110 calories in each 5.5 per cent ABV Deep Bay product.

The drinks are currently available in liquor stores across Tennessee. Mr Albrecht said Deep Bay had partnered with BDA spirits with a view to exporting his products to Bermuda.

For more information, visit the Deep Bay Spirits website at www.deepbayspirits.com or Instagram page @deepbayspirits

Stunning setting: the image of a raft-up at Deep Bay shown on Deep Bay Spirits’ website