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Keeper releases some of his scripts

Poet Stephan Johnston has released two albums with the second 'The Script Keeper' taking its name from the time waiting to record his poems.

His first album 'Broken Thoughts' was an experimental project, and came about after his friend, Mandela Fubler had introduced him to an aspiring producer James Brookes.

"While we where all in school in Toronto we used to hang out at James' house and mess around on the mic and recorded tracks for fun," said Mr. Johnstone.

"One day we where all sitting around and I was telling James about my poetry, and he thought it would be a cool project to try and put together a poetry album. I thought the idea was great!"

When he returned to the Island during the summer of 2006, they finished off 'Broken Thoughts'.

"When it was released, I had already written a version of 'The Script Keeper' and I knew it would be a while before I could get into the studio again with James," he said.

"So I thought that calling my second album 'The Script Keeper' would be appropriate, as I knew I would never stop writing and eventually have a large stock pile of poems a.k.a. scripts by time my next album was released."

The musical selection on "The Script Keeper" ranges from Chinese Folk Music to Hip Hop beats.

"Most of my pieces are written without music, because they come to me at random times. The music on the album I picked after the pieces were written, and then I tailored my voice and the rhyme scheme as best as I could to the music.

"The music is only there to set the mood, to add to the overall theme of the piece and enhance the experience."

Choosing some pieces to discuss further, the great-great nephew of the Talbot Brothers said: "With 'Dangerous', I wanted to write something so truly Bermudian that you had to be a Bermudian to understand it."

On his selection, 'High Tide' Mr. Johnstone explained: "With this piece I just wanted to stretch my creativity and write something that gave non-living things life and to look at mankind from a different perspective.

"I actually wrote this piece backwards, I started with the line 'when the sea kiss the sky we call that high tide' and then came up with the back story and wrote towards that ending."

To hear this selection visit: http://poetry.sjdworld.com/BT/sounds/BT_TheAlbum.html

Although "The Script Keeper" was only released last month, he has found that the response has been great.

"So far it has been good, but it's hard to say because I have only heard comments from my family and friends and I know they would think the album is great regardless.

"They are all very supportive and show so much love whenever I take on a new project. I haven't really heard much feed back from outside of my immediate circle."

The album is currently available at the Sound Stage, Washington Mall, Digistation

http://Digstation.com/StephanJohnstone or on CDBABY by visiting the website http://cdbaby.com/sjohnstone, and www.amazon.com for $10.

Crater Shore

Crater Shore

I took her to the moon

So she can watch the Earthset

we took our time

so I spoke in cursive

More words Stef

She whispered to me

So I sped it up to calligraphy

Fancy strokes yes indeed

Her eardrum was beating me

So before I could speak

She was feeling me

Needing me

So all the stars could see

That we challenge to be

Brighter than anything in this galaxy

And where we sat

Was right next to where Neil had stepped

Apollo 11 had left

Mankind had met

She had Stef

And I had she

No need for space or time

Cause we had we

Her and me

So we watch mother earth

Until she rock us to sleep


Under the stars

Like Venus and Mars

Stardust departs

As we fall back on our arms

And there we lay deep

In moon sand from toe to hair peak

See This is Our beach on Crater Shore

Where earthly stress don't matter no more

so what's left is two Earthlings

that don't need to weather the storm

we just forecast your norm, from way up here

breathing not air but each others cares away

so to mi amore I say, just hold on tight

as the Earth sets today and forever more

right here on Crater Shore.

March 3rd 2008

By Stephan Johnstone

The Script Keeper

&Copy; SJDWORLD, All Rights Reserved.