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Concentration and card reading pay off

Before I get to the column let me repeat a few dates for upcoming events: LBIAD (Learn Bridge In A Day) - Today (September 21) Novice Pairs ( <25MP) - September 24 Open Pairs - Wednesday/Friday September 25/27 This week’s hand took my fancy as declarer did really well in listening to the bidding and then giving himself every chance to succeed Both Vulnerable. Dealer South ?????????????????? NORTH: K92 AQ86 J65 742 WEST: AJ105 94 A1098 KJ5 SOUTH: Q3 KJ 1073 KQ3 AQ3 EAST: 8764 52 742 10986 WEST NORTH EAST SOUTH 1H DBL 2NT pass 4H Pass Pass Pass North’s 2NT bid showed a limit raise in hearts in a balanced hand and South with 17 points bid the game. West led a trump and South paused to plan the hand - always a good idea. Both the bidding and the neutral trump lead suggested that West held every picture card that South couldn’t see, and if that was the case the contract was set to go one down, losing a diamond, a spade and two clubs. Declarer won the trump, drew another round and played a diamond to the jack and one to the queen - West won and exited with a third diamond, so far so good for the defence. Declarer now led a low spade from hand, West has to play low or give the contract away and the king won. Another spade was led to the queen and West’s ace …. declarer hit the jackpot as both the jack and ten of spades were in the West hand. West could do no better than play a good spade and declarer delivered the coup de grace by not ruffing but discarding the club 3. West was toast - another spade would provide a ruff and discard and a club into declarers AQ was equally fatal - contract made. Great concentration and card reading by South - well done.