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‘Alabama’ last of Bermuda’s big bloggers

Tributes from all over have been pouring in following the death this week “Alabama”.

He was the last of the Big Three characters we would classify as Bermuda’s Original Bloggers, who in their own inimitable styles would say or do something that would be guaranteed to take the edge off-life.

Album Noel (Alabama) Anderson was predeceased by the unforgettable “Barnum” DeShields and Alfred Weather Bird) Mills.

Somehow or the other they don’t seem to make characters of that colourful breed anymore. Weather Bird accompanied by his pet dog, predominated on the docks of Hamilton and “Bama” captivated the St George’s waterfront, becoming tourist attractions on their own.

Barnum was a back of town man. His stoop was the corner of what is now the BIU parking lot.

Actually, those guys never bothered anyone. They were peacemakers, who came alive when ‘their oil’ was in.

Barnum’s wit and humour was biting. There was one lady, well dressed and one of the dickiest in town who could not avoid passing Barnum en route to and from work.

She seemed to take a delight in snubbing Barnum. That lady dropped out of sight. Months later she appeared, in the last stages of her pregnancy.

Noting that she was an unmanly, unmarried mother-to-be, Barnum, who always had a nearby audience, dismissed her simply by saying: “Look at her. Yes, she couldn’t get mouth open. HA, HA!”

Alabama was big time. He loved Cup Match and the 24th of May Marathon. Although his family was rooted in Somerset, his delight was sporting St George’s colours leading up to and during those events.

He was believed to have been the last to go to sleep at night in the Olde Towne and the first up in the mornings.

He was no means lazy, just inordinately friendly. He would pitch-in with a helping hand and be bold about accepting a tip.

He loved the sea; worked on boats plying between Bermuda, New York and the Caribbean.

Alabama will be missed. He passed away peacefully at the Silvia Richardson Rest Home in St George’s where he spent his last days. He was aged 72.