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Building confidence

Motivational speaker:Chris Crumpler

It’s easy to waste time pondering over ideas instead of acting on them.

Bermuda’s Emerging Professionals recently hosted a personal development workshop, with the aim of helping people build the confidence they need to achieve their dreams. Here are some practical tips The Royal Gazette gathered from that event ...

Face your fears

Motivational speaker Chris Crumpler believes what stops most people from living their dreams isn’t some outside force like the Boogie Man, it’s actually themselves. He thinks that it’s usually past hurts and experiences that stop people from progressing and finding their true passion.

Check your motives

Mr Crumpler believes that when he does something for the wrong reasons — money, fame or validation — success isn’t long-lasting. When people do something with the right motives, such as a desire to make a positive impact in other’s lives, then they can often go further with that dream, he said.

Recognise your potential

Most people dream of accomplishing more in their future — be it getting a raise at work or changing jobs altogether. Leadership coach Pete Saunders says people think they don’t have the tools to make necessary changes when that isn’t the case. “We all already have what it takes to create this future,” he said.

Address conflict in your own life

Often times it’s easier to run from your problems or avoid them all together, but Mr Crumpler said in order to lead effectively you have to become transparent. This means coming to terms with the past struggles in your life and being willing to be speak on them and address them.

Hang around the right people

If you want to be an author, hang around other people who love to write. If you want to own your own business, start to connect with other small business owners in your community. Mr Crumpler said inspiration starts to rub off when you surround yourself with people in the same frame of mind.

Mr Saunders said having the right people around you can also provide you with the support and accountability you need.

If you are serious about getting to your dream, Mr Saunders recommends hiring a certified professional coach, getting a mentor or finding loved ones whom you can share your created future with and invite them to hold you accountable.

Have a strategy

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail, Mr Crumpler said.

He suggested people make a list of steps they can take now, to inch them closer to their dream. If you want to change careers, now is the time to start looking into courses you can take online or at the college. Or perhaps there are some events you can attend to learn more about that particular subject.

Mr Saunders said it’s possible to make our future a reality “by having your actions and being reflective of this future. For example, if your goal is to be an interior designer by February 1, 2015, start doing the things, and being the person, today that an interior designer would do and be.”

Get to know yourself

Mr Crumpler said when something in your life feels off, then by knowing yourself and how you best operate, will make it easier to get back in alignment. If you work best in the morning, then make it a priority to wake up an hour earlier and get some work in — be it housework or studying for a new course. Knowing your healthy balance as a person, the best diet, exercise regime and hobbies, will ensure that you are getting the most out of your time each day.

Try using positive language

It’s easy to doubt yourself and let words like “can’t” slip into your vocabulary. But Mr Saunders said in order to reach a goal we have to be intentional about the language we use and how we use it. “Our future exists in language and is created through our declaration,” he explained. “You can start by replacing language like ‘I hope, I want to and I’ll try’ with ‘I will reach this goal by this date’.”

*For more information on the speakers, visit www.accomplishmentcoaching.com or chriscrumpler.com. For details on empowerment events, visit BEPRO’s Facebook page.