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Another successful year at Bridge Club

It’s a myth to think that only seniors and retired folk play Bridge. The game is for people of all ages, and this is apparent if you look at the members who have had lessons at the Bermuda Bridge Club in the past year. Also, the game is now being introduced in some of the local schools.

Last year was a good year at the club, and the membership continues to grow. Group lessons are offered to newcomers and with a bonus: the coaches continue to support the “newbies” while they transition into the regular games.

Tuesday night games are for newcomers and junior level players, and more newcomers consistently show up for the weekly game. They are excited to play and keen to learn more about the game and all the conventions to learn; but for the “newbies”, they tend to keep it simple, and it works.

Throughout the year, the club offers a variety of annual competitions and scholarships and the 2014 scholarship winners are listed below.

Junior Player of the Year: Mary Leigh Burnett

Senior Player of the Year: Alan Douglas

Novice Pairs: Delton Outerbridge and Richard Keane

Junior Pairs: Willi Christensen and George Correia

NLM Pairs: Peter Donnellan and Paul Thompson

Mixed Pairs: Charles Hall and Jean Johnson

Ladies Pairs: Judy Bussell and Stephanie Kyme

Mens Pairs: Alan Douglas and Eddie Kyme

Open Pairs: Diana Diel and Lyn O’Neill

Ace of Clubs 0-100: Geoff Bell

Ace of Clubs 100-200: Diana Kempe

Ace of Clubs 200-300: Peter Donnellan

Ace of Clubs 300-500: Heather Wolfe

Ace of Clubs 500-1000: Russ Craft

Ace of Clubs 1000-2500: Jane Smith

If you are interested in learning more about the game, contact the Bridge Club via bermudabridge.com.

<p>Bridge results</p>

Monday, January 12


1. Peter Donnellan-Paul Thompson

2. Jean Johnson-Marg Way

3. Reid Young-Charlie Gambrill


1. Mona Marie Gambrill-Pat Siddle

2. Greta Marshall-Kath Bell

3. Russ and Dee Craft



1. Misha Novakovic-Jean Johnson

2. Jane Smith-Gertie Barker

3. Gordon Bussell-John Glynn


1. Magda Farag-Sheena Rayner

2. Lorna Anderson-Charles Pearman

3. Charles Hall-Tony Saunders

Tuesday, January 13


1. Peter and Susan Adhemar

2. Mary Leigh Burnett-Elizabeth Caufield

3. Wendell Emery-Linda Manders


1. Noula Contibas-Linda Abend

2. Delton Outerbridge-Richard Keane

3. Michael Antar-Kieran Powell

Wednesday, January 14


1. Judy Bussell-Lyn O’Neill

2. Gertie Barker-Jane Smith

3. Mona Marie Gambrill-Julia Beach


1. Diana Diel-Jean Johnson

2. Pat Hayward-Elysa Burland

3. Michael Bickley-Janice Trott

Friday, January 16



1. Louise Rodger-Pat Siddle

2. Gertie Barker-Marilynn Simmons


1. Annabelle Mann-Mona Marie Gambrill

2. Molly Taussig-Jean Johnson

— Compiled by Julia Lunn