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A short, sweet and fascinating hand

I’m travelling and really stretched for time, and with nothing really going on at the Bridge Club this week I thought I would bring you a short, sweet and fascinating hand.

Dealer West E/W Vulnerable. Duplicate pairs


S KJ653

H 54

D A32

C K92


S 42

H None

D KQJ874

C QJ1087


S AQ1098

H A3

D 1065

C A65


S 7

H KQJ1098762

D 9

C 43

West opened a vulnerable 4 hearts and after two passes South took his life in his hands and bid 4 spades, which became the final contract.

West led the heart king and North put down an incredible dummy.

The contract looked doomed, however, with mirrored hands and four certain losers, and it all looked horrible when East ruffed the opening lead.

East retuned a diamond and the contract sidled to a one trick defeat — at all tables but one!

At one table, Declarer saw a small chance and when East ruffed the heart he threw his ace away. He won the diamond return and had to hope that West was exactly 1-9-1-2 so that’s what he played for — he drew one trump, cashed two clubs and played a heart to West.

West had to provide a ruff and discard, but since one was not enough Declarer let him hold the trick, throwing a club from hand and a diamond from dummy to come to this position.


S KJ65


D 2

C 2



H None


C QJ10


S AQ1098


D 65




H QJ10982



Now West had to provide another ruff and discard and the diamond disappears from dummy, and South ruffs and claims ten tricks.

A double ruff and discard is a very rare thing.

Have you noticed one thing? The most valuable card in West’s hand? Yes, the two of hearts.

At trick six when Declarer starts his master plan to force the ruff and discard, West refuses to win the trick and forces declarer to win it with the heart five.

Now Declarer has to lose three minor suit tricks — down one!

Could West have seen this? Well, “beware of Greeks bearing gifts” is a very old saying and appropriate here — if an opponent wants you to do something it is usually right to do the opposite.

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Thursday, April 28


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1. Judy Bussell-Stephanie Kyme

2. Richard & Wendy Gray

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Thursday, May 5


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Friday, May 6

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1. Judy Bussell-Stephanie Kyme

2. Barb and Pat Cerra

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3. Julia Beach-Gill Gray

— Results compiled by Julia Lunn