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Tricia's naturally beautiful idea

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A family affair: Tricia Lines and her daughters Olivia, left, and India, right, who help inspire the beauty products (Photograph by Sacha Blackburne)

To Tricia Lines Hill, home smells like lavender and lime, “a Bermuda grove crossed by ocean breezes”.

At boarding school she would pore through magazines, tearing out the pages of products she planned to try at the mall.

Two weeks ago, she launched Tricia Lines, her eponymous range of body products.

“It was always something that I was very passionate about from a very young age,” she said. “I spent six years at boarding school and then four years at university in Canada. When I was away, there were always scents that reminded me of home.

“I love brands such as Jo Malone, Molton Brown and lesser known brands that you find in little boutiques, but I've rarely seen luxury brands like that, that are also made with natural, organic, fresh ingredients.”

The mother-of-two would often wake up to find her 12-year-old daughter India mixing ingredients in the kitchen.

Her excitement inspired Mrs Hill to revisit her passion for body care.

“She loves to create potions and is always mixing any ingredients she can get her hands on. You go into the kitchen and she's got everything out — the flour, the cream, the food dye, whatever it is — just mixing it up. So I used that activity to help create something we could benefit from and to make something we could actually use, not just throw out when our project was done,” she told Lifestyle.

It took off from there and TLH Limited was born.

“India continues to tell me, 'Mummy, it's not your business, it's our business',” Mrs Hill said.

“She was sort of my inspiration because she spent so much time creating these concoctions. For me, it was a fun beginning.”

Mrs Hill splits her time between Toronto and Bermuda with her husband Scott, to accommodate their daughters' schooling. Olivia, 13, is at Bermuda High School; India is at a special needs school in the Canadian city.

“[India and I] spent hours together mixing up natural, raw ingredients in my kitchen over the last couple of years, so I knew exactly what ingredients I wanted in my products and also what ingredients I absolutely did not want,” she said.

Her products are free of chemicals and toxins, gluten, synthetics, parabens and petroleum. They're also vegan and cruelty-free — read: not tested on animals.

“Since I became a parent, and especially because my daughter has special needs, I've done so much research.

“You learn so much about what's important for your body and how the things you ingest are going to affect your behaviour. Everything you put on your body is going right into your bloodstream.

“My other daughter, Olivia, her skin is sensitive; detergents have to be quite pure. If they're not, she gets rashes.

“My mission will be to always make [my products] as natural and organic as possible. [But] it wasn't just about natural products, I also wanted products that smelled good and felt good on my body.

“I did a lot of research to find the right company to help me create the line. And then, of course, came a lot of sampling.”

Mrs Hill's products are formulated and manufactured in Toronto.

“I'm not a chemist so I worked with companies that work with people like me to create a brand.

“A lot of my products are coconut-based. It's so good for your skin.

“It's quite a strong smell, but I was able to do it in such a formulation that the scent in the oils were able to overcome that.”

Scents are “very important” to Mrs Hill and she wanted a line that reflected Bermuda.

“I chose two of my favourite scents and then one that is quintessentially Bermuda, frangipani.”

Another scent will incorporate Bermuda cedar.

“It's my passion. We all have things that are on our bucket list and I have, for several years, wanted to do this.

“I've been so busy raising my children and working, so I finally had a little time to do something else,” said Mrs Hill, who works in business development and marketing at First Atlantic Commerce.

“Once I'm able, I'm going to donate 10 per cent of net profits to charities that benefit special needs in Bermuda. I feel like I have a social responsibility and that's what I want to do with this product. I feel blessed. I had an amazing life here as a child, always on the water, and now being able to put the smells that I associate with Bermuda in my products, for me it's a story that I'm telling. It's just the beginning of this adventure for me.”

•Look for Mrs Hill's line of products locally at Salon 27 on Reid St, Coral Beach Club in Paget and Crown & Anchor in Dockyard. They're also on sale at Busuanga Bay Lodge, Palawan, Philippines. The organic body washes, lotions, sugar scrubs and body butters are priced from $34-$58. Products include: Frangipani Wash and Lotion; Sweet Orange & White Grapefruit Wash, lotion and body scrub; Lavender & Lime Wash, lotion, scrub and body butter. For more details visit www.tricialines.com.

Ethically sound: Tricia’s products are free of chemicals and toxins, gluten, synthetics, parabens and petroleum. They’re also vegan and cruelty-free