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Challenging childhoods

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Brotherly love: Dante, right, lets his older brother Syncair hold his hand (Photograph supplied)
Just the two of us: Syncair, left, and Dante (Photograph supplied)
Taking it easy: Syncair (Photograph supplied)
A different perspective: Dante, 4 (Photograph supplied)
Birthday boy: Syncair, 5 (Photograph supplied)
<p>Help springs from homeopathy study</p>

Autism Spectrum Disorder is the name given to a group of developmental disorders typically characterised by a wide range of symptoms.Children with ASD usually have difficulty communicating and interacting, show repetitive behaviour and have limited interests.Naturopath Melanie Dupres discovered how homeopathy helped children on the spectrum abroad, and determined to do the same here.She’s now looking for eight children to participate in a local study over the next 14 weeks. She believes those who sign up will quickly see improvement in their speech, general development and digestion, and get a more restful sleep.“Bermuda has a growing population of children that are diagnosed with ASD and suffer with varying degrees of symptoms on the autism spectrum,” she said. “It is not conclusive as to what causes Autism Spectrum Disorder, although it is believed to be a neurobiological condition affecting the neurological pathways and there is no known cure.“However, according to work done in the field of homeopathic medicine, it has been documented time and time again how homeopathic medicine used in a professional capacity can assist in improving the lives of these children. “The main thing required is commitment in time and taking the remedies as prescribed, therefore allowing the patient to get better.”Anyone interested in taking part should contact her at meldupres@yahoo.co.uk