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It’s never too late to make change

I know that among my distant ancestors was a romping gypsy, handsome, laughing and a blustery fighter, who loved to show off and have a drink. Always brightly dressed, dancing till dawn and prone to enchant the most beautiful girl in the camp. But, when the time came, no one could stand in his way and keep him an extra day. He would harness the horses, pack his tent and go. It was time for change; for another journey.

I am like him: a rolling stone trying so many continents and countries during my life. It is inexplicable why I have such an irresistible desire for change and the unknown.

Why this insatiable thirst to see and get to know new people, to live a different life, to speak in another language, learn a new culture, understand and acquire other customs? It is not easy to explain how it hurts to break myself and then blend into another society.

Yet I was glad to take this road. There were interesting people in exotic cities, unimagined opportunities, all kinds of jobs and random, yet fascinating encounters with new friends, and expectations for love. I remember passionate kisses under a dark sky with twinkling stars and heartfelt hugs in the gentle morning sun; the salty splash of the ocean, the sound of train wheels in sleep so sweet and a farewell glance in a porthole window.

Indeed, I would often question myself, “Why am I doing this?” There was no guarantee that I would survive, let alone be successful. But, I kept going and didn’t look back. I kept listening and trusting my inner voice and had great faith and an unshakeable confidence that I was doing the right things. I didn’t want to wake up one morning in Siberia, look back in despair, and regret missed opportunities. I would never have forgiven myself if I didn’t try. My great craving for change outweighed my fear of the unknown.

When the desire to change something you feel you need is so strong — just do it! Don’t wait and waste years. Is it scary? Possibly, but this is a natural feeling because you are starting something completely new. Try not to listen to people who attempt to stop you, even if they think they have the best intentions. It is you who desires to be different — a happier, healthier, more balanced and fulfilled person — not them. It is all about you and your life. And, you know with certainty, that you will only achieve that by living differently.

Is it possible to make changes if you are 50 or more years old? Absolutely! Age is just a number that does not define anything. One of my clients, who is 80, went to a theatre club and started acting in shows. Was it difficult and scary for her? Certainly! But, she had this cherished dream for a long time. You should see her happy, sparkling eyes when she talks about performing on the stage.

If there is a voice inside you that calls for you to change something in your life: behaviour, habits, attitudes, goals, then try to listen to it carefully. What does your voice tell you? What would you like to change and why? You must trust it and yourself.

Often, the voice is loud and persistent, calling for immediate action. But sometimes, it is faint and difficult to follow, like a distant stream in the woods.

Then, stop for a moment. Sit or lie down in a quiet place, close your eyes and listen to it thoughtfully to better understand yourself. To clearly hear, know and affirm our desires and wishes is the first small, but important action on a long road of change that could lead to immense transformation.

You will get better and stronger with every step you are taking on this path. Harness the horses, pack the tent, follow your gypsy to the ends of the earth! A new you is waiting by the campfire, ready to dance.

•Nina London is a certified wellness and weight-management coach. Her mission is to support and inspire mature women to make positive changes in their body and mind. Share your inspirational stories with her here: www.ninalondon.com