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Family share Happy Birthday

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Ahoy there: Barbara Fubler with her daughter, Natasha Smith, and son, Nashon Burrows, celebrating their birthdays in 2009 with a pirate party (Photograph supplied)

Today is Barbara Fubler’s birthday. Forty years ago, she got a very special delivery — her first child.

Two years later, she got her second.

Nashon Burrows and Natasha Smith, her son and daughter, were both born on February 9.

“I tell people that I have two kids born on my birthday and they say, ‘Did you plan that?’”

She didn’t.

“They were natural births,” said the mother of two.

Mr Burrows, who turns 40 today, was due on February 19, 1977.

His mother had been sent home on February 4 after experiencing Braxton Hicks or false labour pains.

“On February 8, leading up to midnight, I felt contractions. I said: ‘This child is going to be born on my birthday.’

“After experiencing the pain, I knew he was coming. There was no doubt about it,” she recalled.

“With my daughter, her due date was January 29. This time I was like, I don’t want to have another baby on my birthday.”

The day came and went. Her waters broke on February 8.

“That was 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Of course, me being young, I panicked. I called the ambulance,” she laughed.

She prepared herself for a quick delivery.

“I said: ‘This baby’s going to be born the day before [my birthday]. I can take that.’

“Well, no contractions, no pain, nothing.”

At 7.30pm she was induced. Her daughter was born at 3am on February 9.

It was a great 21st birthday present.

“They were just God’s blessings. That’s the way I see it. Ever since then, when it came to birthdays, it was all about them.

“I remember when they were little, I’d go to this nursery and drop off cake and goodies and then go to the other nursery and drop off cake and goodies.

“It went on like that for a long time until they got older and then we started celebrating together.”

The only year they did not celebrate together was when her daughter was away at school and the time her husband, Alfred Fubler, took her to Jamaica.

Their tradition is to go to dinner. Tonight they’ll be celebrating at Pickled Onion.

“They always call me to find out what we’re doing. It’s never been a selfish thing. It’s not just their birthday — it’s all three of us.

“When my daughter turned 30 we had a pirate theme, but we all did it together. No one ever says, ‘It’s my birthday’. It’s always together.”

She reclaimed the day on her 50th, when she threw a big bash at the Pembroke Community Centre.

“It wasn’t until I was 50 that the birthday really belonged to me. I told them: ‘I know it’s your party too, but today it’s all about me.’ I know people do 30 and 40, but 50 ... I’ve made it this far. I’m healthy, I’m happy. Everyone tells me it’s special. They’re all wowed by it.”

The coincidences do not end there.

“My husband has a goddaughter. She came to stay with us for a year and wouldn’t you know when her birthday is?” Mrs Fubler asked.

“February the 9th.”

When Ms Smith was pregnant with her first child, Alexcie, she was given a due date of February 9.

“She was actually born on February 27,” Mrs Fubler said.

“We’re all different. Even though we’re born on the same day. We love family, we’re sociable, but we’re different in other ways.”

The 59-year-old said it has made her birthday more special.

“It’s great. I look forward to our birthdays. They’ve always been humble, good children. And we have fun.”

She added: “We’ve never had a surprise party.”

Natasha Smith (Photograph supplied)
Nashon Burrows and Natasha Smith (Photograph supplied)
Growing close: Barbara with her children in the 1980s and Nashon and Natasha as adults (Photograph supplied)
Barbara Fubler with her children in the 80s (Photograph supplied)
Nashon Burrows (Photograph supplied)
Barbara Fubler celebrates her 50th birthday with her children (Photograph supplied)
Barbara Fubler with her children